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Is MBoards Legit?


All noted guys. Thanks again for all the feedback.

The big picture really has been to create our own products. Not just sell preexisting ones. Had to start somewhere in the beginning. Now we are in a position where can start to put enough money into producing and designing our own stuff.

Will be shooting you guys progress reports here every so often to keep everyone updated.


ten jasons


instead of posting here, make ur own thread once u have products made by you guys and post updates there. not in a thread asking if u guys r legit.


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@MBoards If you were to make a thread about your store, I think that the best course of action would be to make two threads, one of products that are available elsewhere, and another solely for promoting the ‘handcrafted items’(no sarcasm here, I just dont really know of a good umbrella term).

Maybe one day you can have a real section of the market cut out like some of the top vendors do here, but thats going to take worlds of dedication, ambition and hard work. goodluck <3


Good idea. I’ll definitely get that started soon.


Good idea as well. Thank you :blush:


wow, yah…the ESCs you are offering are certainly priced too high and most people by now know that these are crap, mainly due to the countless of social media reviews of the early wowgo, etc. They have moved on since then and the ESCs you have listed are only used in the cheapest and shittiest prebuilt Chinese boards and kits with equally shitty 30-50A Li-Ion packs.

Prebuilt boards have become somewhat OK since they started using this, months ago.

You’re also selling the one FSEC (dual 4.20) that is known to cause cutouts. I would not stock items that cause issues and might damage your reputation (that includes trucks that snap etc.).


Hey I have that! I’m famous!


One of my first esk8 purchases was with MBoards. Found the guy on YouTube. He seemed helpful and knowledgeable so why not support him? That transaction went completely sideways and even caused me to reconsider the idea of a DIY build.

Your apology seems sincere. And it takes balls to post on this thread with grace and class. I applaud you for that and really hope you can change everyone’s perceptions. On that note… I’ll make a purchase from you tonight and see how it goes.


watcha buying?


I just need a charger and charge port. Nothing fancy.


Where did you get it? I’ve got a beer soaked meepo here that needs an upgrade to sell on.


Someone was selling one of these, reflashed with a higher top speed, with some predator hubs a bit back.

Imperial Speeder board || 42" I dunno deck || Dual TB 6355/TB Esc's || 10s3p Mboard battery || DIY Aluminum enclosure

Update on my recent purchase experience with MBoards.

  • Sunday 1/13: Order placed.
  • Monday 1/14: Package in the mail. Tracking number was available if I logged onto my account.
  • Thursday 1/17: Received email notification that package was out for delivery. Package received safe and sound. All contents were as advertised and reasonably packaged.

I must say, I’m impressed.


the problems i think we’re with the batteries and more expensive items tho.


For sure man I totally get that. You gotta start somewhere though, right?


Yeah. I mean there were a ton of delays with simple stuff but yeah. I laughed when they said they rebranded, just getting a new logo, and then say there won’t be anymore shipping delays!


I have the V1 switch bought from MBoards last year. Is it a matter of time until it fails? I’m only running 32A(16A each VESC) total for battery max (10s2p config), but I was planning on upgrading to 10s4p and increasing battery max. Maybe I need a new switch before doing that?


It’s a matter of time for most switches to fail , but yes that brand of Anyispark will always fail eventually.


@MBoards What china/maytech esc are you stocking on your website?

What is that? There is no way its 120A burst.