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Is MBoards Legit?


When it comes down to it, most of our generic parts have so little room in them once you consider the shipping we pay to get them here and the 10% off coupon that most of our customers use plus shipping them to our customers for free.

And shipping times are entirely fixed now. 1-2 days.


Yeah Yeah Yeah i TOTALLY understand, shipping is 8$ anywhere to the us, and the esc that your selling retails for 66$ while you sell it for 120$ without shipping

let me do the math:

120- 10% = 12 bucks

so your left with 108 and that minus shipping is 100$ left

100$ - 66$ = 34$ profit

from a trusted fourm member

(oh and the 66$ is with s moq of 1) and he actually replies to email, and oh mboards i have purchased from you before


Unfortunately that number isn’t what we pay and doesn’t include the shipping we pay to get them to our warehouse.

Either way it’s about time to re-evaluate our supplier and the numbers we are paying for them. I’m sure we could get them cheaper. Would love to get them on the site cheaper for sure.

Will have to find another reliable source for less and pass the savings down to our customers.


And we’re open to ideas as well. What should we be adding to our store? Any parts you guys use all the time that could be cheaper? Better designed? 100% looking for all of your input.


Are people really requesting that you stock diyboard items? I find that a bit hard to believe. Those fuckers have fucked over plenty of people on here.


Including me when i first started.:sweat_smile:


Looks like that listing still using older remotes. Might be why we are being charged more. I’ll take a look around.

Now that we have a full stock I’m nit afraid of selling them a bit faster at a lower price.


You can ask him for the new remote

He stocks the version one, version two and 3rd


Drop the supplier if you want to be taken seriously.

Not here to hold your hand Mike.
Can I call you Mike?
Use the search function and enlighten yourself my friend. Everything you need to stock quality parts is here for the taking.


I think it’s a lot of people who don’t want to really learn what goes into building electric skateboards and just want really easy to use stuff and to build something quick.


Fair enough.


than buy a god damn boosted board or elvolve or riptide or meepo or wowgo or teemo, or yeeplay, or ownboard

excluding evolve and boosted all the other boards are only 400 shipped to your door and god damn ready to ride

meepo literally has their board for 379 right now shipped and wowgo has a 5% code so does ownboard


Please stop stocking the “diye” mounts that snap and then calling them “Premium” The market moved on a long time ago to boardnamics mounts and you should really move on too. Its actually not a hard process to have a company cnc 25 custom mounts for you, its not that expensive either. Look into it

Other things you probably shouldn’t sell:

  • The flipsky powerswitch with the mboards logo on it. That thing has destroyed many vescs, look around here
  • 10S2P 30Q Being that expensive is scam tier of high.
  • 2 XT60 connectors for 1.50$ i mean come on

Also you have the winning remote listed as a mini remote, but in the community they’re not the same (Google “Mini remote electric skateboard”)


But you know when those parts fail or don’t work out of the box. (Pretty common with diy boards). People will have it out for you and not diyboards. Your the one claiming to sell quality parts. It’s just gonna get you bad rap.


Ive had a switch from mboard that failed on me in two days and it was the new one IT TOOK TWO MONTHS TO SHIP BECAUSE EVERY FRIDAY THEY CLAIMED THEIR VENDOR HASENT SHIPPED, and yet their vendor is flip sky for the same price you can get a BKB antispark

but i did file a paypal claim before they shipped, and yet they still shipped while the claim was active, and when i won the case they told me to return the item with my own money


Is this vendor bashing? I also gotta say to @MBoards, just by making a video has showed no change. I appreciate your openness, but these other companies put effort and love into their products. The path you are taking seems like diyeboard’s path.


Not vendor bashing, just pointing out the problems, i don’t remember who said this on the fourm but "some vendors are businessmen and some are builders"


A “diy” vendor who doesn’t participate in the only real western diy building community and has to ask for part recommendations?

Fat nope. The boat has sailed.


These paths even* arent parallel, theyre the same exact path.

bleh :frowning:


They aren’t the exact same. MBoards “tolls” are a lot more