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Is MBoards Legit?


Im not afraid to admit anything, go back through my comments and that will be clear as day. But I just say what I feel, I don’t beat around the bush and try to represent anyone else. It’s just me and my direct opinion. Straight to the point.

Refreshing isn’t it?


Got my pulley kit 2 weeks after I ordered one from torque boards. So ordered a kit from torque at the 4 week mark of not hearing Shit and still beat his here. PS pulley kits are identical from both companies although the small pulleys look plastic from MB. Don’t bother with there front enclosure if you aren’t planning on running their VESC, nothing else fits I threw mine in the bin. It has a 5mm heat sink in the bottoms that takes up most of the room. :weary:Got a 12$ box from Jaycar here in Oz that’s ten times better.


Lol, I hadn’t read this topic in a while and was reading up on the new messages. Out of curiosity, checked mike’s channel and he posted a new video about a week ago. About halfway through and for the rest of the video. He seems to kind of talk about the current issues that he is facing which mirrors exactly what a lot of y’all recently said. Focusing on the business, shipping and the delay of, shortage of the pulleys, and the items and quality of them. I dunno if he kinda took a hint from this topic or it’s the general problem everyone is facing and he just addressed them. He didn’t really talk about the lack of communication though. It’s like a child or a dog. Maybe if I don’t look at it and ignore it. Then it might go away and doesn’t exist, lol. Not advocating for or putting down. I almost bought some things from him but research and recommendations led me away. I just read this topic then watched the video and was amused.


Hey everyone!

Haven’t been on the forums in a while. Stumbled on this thread. Been working hard on everything. We’ve read through everything and many great points have been made. We hear you loud and clear.

Just wanted to put our two sense in since we really haven’t written anything on the forums in over a year. (Although we’d love to change that and share our builds and tutorials with new builders).

In the beginning everything was pretty rough. The brand and support from everyone grew and grew each day so fast I couldn’t physically keep up with shipping, purchasing, communication, support, etc. I absolutely have no excuse. We just had a lot to learn not having been in the retail business before.

Unfortunately our happy customers aren’t the ones out on the forums talking about us.

We are happy to report that all of the concerns have been addressed and fixed as of 2019.

Communication platforms have been streamlined, shipping times are down to 1-2 days, and higher quality parts are currently being worked on.

We can’t wait to share more and more parts and original designs with you guys.

Thank you all for keeping us in check. We absolutely needed all of this criticism to grow as a company and to serve you all better in 2019. We’d like to apologize to everyone that caught us during one of our many learning experiences.

We’ve put a little video together highlighting where we came from and what’s ahead for MBoards:

Again thank you all again for your support and understanding. We’re super excited for 2019 and have a ton of big plans to contribute to the DIY Esk8 community.

If anyone has any feedback, please shoot us a message on Instagram: @mboardsco

Not asking for anyone to come back and purchase from us. We just wanted to let everyone know that we’ve heard you and 100% care about all of you.

Thanks again,
Mike Beard and MBoards Team


Only time will tell



Agree 100%


What about pricing?


We’ll continue to look for ways to be able to lower prices. As the brand grows we’ll be able to replace older products with more customized products that would either cost less or just be higher quality so our customers get more for their dollar. We’re exploring a number of product options now and finalizing some designs that hopefully help accomplish some of what I just described.


*two cents.

I felt like you should know.


Fuck your video, your actions are inexcusable. Don’t make videos, act.


When you buy an antispark and realise when you take the cheap paper sticker off its a lunacycle item you could have got cheaper on ebay but purchased because you bought into the whole I build this stuff myself videos, well thats just not cricket sir. Not cricket at all.
Going to have to do some serious convincing to part anyone here with their money. Too many have been burned by the whole diye train and as such until you do prove that you are not rebranding that rubbish then I for one will actively encourage new builders to go elsewhere.
Sorry nothing personal just the facts of life.


I bought a remote from them no issues.


You can buy what ever you like and thats all well and good but know what you’re buying.



It’s just annoying bc you’re just essentially a drop shipper that has a bunch of squeakers convinced you’re somehow legitimate. But so goes the power of social media.


Say what you mean Brent don’t beat around the bush.


Got me there. You’re right. “Cents” not “sense”. “Sense” doesn’t even make sense.


Still here listening to feedback. And I appreciate all of the constructive criticism.

All of the products we have on the site now only exist because people consistantly requested that we add them. I feel like many of our customers simply asked for us to add specific items so they could purchase what they needed while giving us a little something to keep the videos coming and to keep the channel going? I know some of our international customers preferred purchasing from the US for some reason. I’m not exactly sure, but once a particular item was asked for over and over again of course we had to look into it to see if we could get them what they asked for.

I have not and will never add any products to our website with Ill intensions.

The original products listed on MBoards way back when we started were my handmade battery packs and vacuum formed enclosures. Both of which I tediously made with love while breathing in way too much solder smoke and plastic fumes. I did it because I really cared about the people who watch the videos and the community. So when people asked me to build them packs or make them enclosures I felt like I should try to help them out. Same reason why I made boards for a people too, people kept asking.

Had to eventually stop handmaking anything simply because it took too much time and my backlog just got too long and I felt bad for how long it would take me to deliver.

100% have made mistakes in the past. No way around it.

We are already working on making a lot of our own stuff and original parts. We’ll most likely keep carrying the generic parts as well just so people have options and to help fund the production of the nicer parts for the serious builders like all of you.

I have personally packed every single order we’ve ever received, never any drop shipping. Has there been gaps in inventory and created awkward wait times? Absolutely. The downfall of having no inventory management experience prior to opening the store. But I still tested, packaged, and shipped everything myself.

You all are entitled to your own opinions. Just wanted to let everyone know that every single bit of profit goes back into the business and I really do care.

I know a few messages aren’t going to change your outlook on us. But I hope we can coexist here on the forums with open minds as we transform our company into something so much better that hopefully one day we can all be proud of.


‎Good Luck


You can carry generic parts but is it really necessary to put a 50% markup on it? and have slower shipping times compare to shipping from china?