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Is MBoards Legit?


I got my order from mboards on time roughly 6mo ago. Just reporting in.


Good to have some positive reviews as well… Post up if y’all had positive experiences so we can get a more accurate guage of this guy’s shop. We all know most of the time unhappy people speak the loudest. Seems pretty loud on this thread… But I don’t know how much volume this guy deals in tbh.


I have to agree. He is just selling rebranded or not even rebranded stuff while Jerry is producing a new product. Not an excuse, but definitely a difference.

Jerry has at least added orginal ideas and thinking to our little game.


For those of us that have been around, the quality of service and parts, is really all dependent on where he sources his shit from. He’s essentially a pass through. So, he’ll wait till he has enough to make the MOQ and place the order. Hence the odd delivery times of a week or more.

He doesn’t make or develop squat. All he makes is margin…He makes sure that he pushes out his product as fast as he gets it in, to avoid the waiting angst that is so very common in DIY.

I guess if your looking for the cheapest prices…hey who wouldn’t. But you aren’t really supporting a person or company that is taking time to develop and involved in the esk8 community.

Now ask yourself…Who would you root for? Who would you like to see continue?

I live in Vegas. I’d never give him a cent of my money.

He’s shown me that all esk8 community means to him is, a note on his resume, a story to tell his grand kids, and of course cash in his pocket.

So…all you that keep buying from him…you are his supporters…you support an imaginary esk8 owner that is just profiting from you without giving back to the community that he is profiting from.



Oh, I totally 100% agree with everything you said.

We are on the same page. He hits order when someone else hits order unless he comes in here to educate us otherwise.

Still, for newbies, they find him and think he’s legit. And if he can source (however easy it is to order from AliExpress), products for other people and people get their shit and are happy… Well that’s a business model.

I’m not agreeing with it, I urge people to shop elsewhere personally when asked, tell them why, including all your deets…

But I guess it’s a legit thing to do. I don’t respect it personally. Anyways.

No need for a mic drop lol this whole thread seems to have been mostly anti mboards, I think we all already agree. If there are some satisfied customers, good for them most of all and second… It’s not the end of the world I guess, I’d rather people order from Dexter, buildkitboards, unikboards, psycho, lhb, etc etc. But it’s not my money when I give advice.


That wasn’t directed at you…

Pretty much this whole thread lol…and any one that’s buying from this guy…

I hope people just do the research. Get knowledgeable about this whole scene…and avoid companies that aren’t really part in contributing to this community.

Those satellite esk8 companies are just picking off the customers from esk8 companies that are just making it…but yet have been a cornerstone of this community in one way or another.


:ear:t2: ears must of been ringing


I get that Michael because I’ve read through older posts. But assuming I hadn’t I’d just be from a newer generation of the community who has never seen any activity from Jerry.

I’d just see him as that awol guy who ran off with loads of people’s money


All about perspective.


I really hope he opens communication up again soon. He’s about to get hit by the three C’s - competent communicative competition.


My opinion on CarvOn is biased because I ride and talk with Jerry. I hear his business plans and what he plans for the future in order to not have this delay issue he ran into this past year. He’s planning to get everyone their boards and is in talk with people to increase build numbers.

I’ve never met MB so I can’t really speak about his intentions which I guess is how you all view CarvOn since you’ve never met him. The difference is that Jerry has been in this game for much longer. There’s no excuse for his lack of communication so that’s on him.


We are going off topic here but I will answer

What’s going on with Carvon is indefensible by any one here. Obviously, he is having some issues. We know he is trying to work them out and hasn’t fled to Argentina as you all saw on various Esk8Squad Videos. But slowly but surely he’s trying to make good on his orders. He delivered a drive to @nmagz3 after how many months? There is a lot he could of done to mitigate the cascading issues amd delays that have arisen. Unfortunately, I nor anyone here has the definitive answer to your questions, only Jerry can answer them.

If you ask me what I think, and that’s from an arm chair perspective … I think he will make everyone whole. He’s pretty determined and the “others” have been helping and offering assistance. Of course till he makes people whole, he’s gonna get a lot of hate.


Well this just got interesting


Reply with a link to this thread


What do you mean? It was a DM on Instagram



Reply to him on instagram with this:


Oh ok ok… now I understand, idk if I want to do that tho


Yeah I wouldn’t do it either :joy::joy:

He his probably ignoring this forum for a reason


It would look spiteful coming from another vendor for sure.

He knows the forum is here, and if he wants to be a part of it (or not) is his prerogative.


Hey see so you do agree with me, just couldn’t admit it :smile:

Exactly how many feel, and I sympathize with them. Sadly I recommended carvon to many new people who were asking “what’s a fast board to buy”, so I feel some guilt as well.