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Is MBoards Legit?


ikr. Right in his backyard too. If enertion could send a guy, I’m sure MBoards could send a member of their “team”…(voice dripping with sarcasm)


He made up some excuse i forget

Honestly, I’ll have to say he wussed out because of who was showing up


Jerry has the balls to show up and hand delivered an XL. MB could’ve just come by with a Chinese ESC


Some one find this guy and point him here please. I’ve considered my own LLC a few times and the nightmares that ensue on the only forum I’ve ever given damn about makes me shrink back.

Mike man, (good name) what happens here kinda matters at the start.
Semper fi


Oh he’s been here alright… don’t think he can take the heat like the big boys… you know how they raise these kids these days… pansy


BTW Enertion had 3 (4) guys there…


I would just like to say (amongst all the negativity) that I placed an order with Mboards for an anti spark switch a while back and got what I ordered within a week or so. While it might be a crapshoot to order from them, they do get some things through the door. Not applauding their bad business practices, but just adding my experience!


Hey…some people are just lucky


“Influencer” is another one I could live without. Literally, GFY.


I was pretty shocked to learn that he is only 21 years old. He’s still a damn kid. No wonder his business is so unstable and dysfunctional. We shouldn’t be that surprised.





Some people we just love to hate :slight_smile:


Well my biggest issue is avoidance of me…and being part of the esk8 community

I contacted Mike direct to invite him out to meet the rest of the “Squad”…I was full disclosure who was coming and what it was about… nothing

Vegas Group rides - not a peep

I see that he sees me on IG…likes some stuff but keeps a distance

That is very odd to me


He is intimidated by grownups. Typical kid behavior. Big fish, micro pond. He doesn’t want to meet a bunch of sharks.


You need to be around all these guys at the same…it’s more like every dangerous animal thrown into one pit


I can’t freggin wait


My guess is that MB is into electric skateboarding because it fits the image he wants to portray. Saying he owns an online skateboard shop probably just feeds the “entrepreneurial” ego, especially when he gets to talk about it to his YouTube audience.

There is no passion here. He doesn’t live, breathe or dream about electric skateboarding. So I don’t think we should be that surprised that he doesn’t want to hang with a community of enthusiasts.


Maybe, but remember last year when he popped up here, and he received a lot of criticism. Although it was constructive, he took it the wrong way, and hasn’t been on since.


I mean… he’s just a kid and we all speak about him like he’s a simpleton. I’d probably also avoid meetups if I was in that situation.

Anyway, as @monsterbuilder said, he’s not really into esk8, he’s into making a few bucks and his youtube channel. Which is fine, but deliver the damn stock on time then. It looks back on the DIY community when he’s out there behaving that way.

Out of interest, he’s probably still delivered more than @LEVer and you all still seem to like him :wink:


It’s one of those OG endless sphere kinda thing. Plus Jerry is actually hands on building and machining parts not to mention developing, a lot different than being a reseller that picks from a virtual catalog.

It’s a night and day difference