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Is MBoards Legit?


No diyeboards are terrible


YES. Many people on this forum confuse these companies.

Diyelectricskateboard- American company that for the most part sells high quality parts with great customer service

Diyeboard- Chinese company that sells cheap, shitty parts and has some lame ass customer service

Flipsky- decent for the most part, with pretty good customer service, but inconsistent and mostly shit motors


Sorry excuse the miscommunication I meant diyelectricskateboards are awesome !!!:joy::call_me_hand:


diyelectricskateboard lol jk :rofl:


Mboards are completely wrecking my head, won’t reply to emails. Have 90% of the gear just need the stupid pulley kit. Ordered one from DIYelectricskateboards in the meantime and it’s already almost here!!! Anyone live near this twat that can go “pay a visit” :weary::triumph::triumph::sob:


How did you pay him?


@moon paid by credit finally caught Mark On the internet chat today and he has given me a date they will send the last part. He was pretty frank with me actually


Probably the worst company i’ve ever dealt with while building my board, i made a purchase no response for like 2 weeks on my package asked for a return then nothing. the package was shipped to me with a hude duty that i did not want was told to refuse the package by them did that. was told when they got it back i would get a refund nothing happened when got back to them 2 months ago nothing so ive been forced to file a dispute with the government. needles to say not happy with them


Dang man, what a joke. Did you pay via PayPal?


Hahaha I love this. Mark blaming this on his brother and his brother blaming it on him in another chat at the same time no doubt.

They are a clown outfit.

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He needs a slap around the head and a reality check. Plain and simple




I just don’t understand why anyone would buy from them


I made it throught 1 minute and 20 seconds before I wanted to throw my phone across the room.


He is very punchable. Only one person I know on here has a more punchable face. Well, maybe two.


Right!?! So it’s not just me. You go high I go low?


Man, we can only hope he goes to CO to get a proper introduction.

Fucking content creator.

Aka 21 year old kid with a damn phone.


There are so many things about Mboards that makes me mad, one being that he doesn’t even make his personal boards with the parts he sells. When he shows his own boards, they always have Torqueboards motors, a Vesc, and TB motor mounts and trucks.


I hate that term “content creator”. Because you were military. You should say you are a freedrom creator


I wonder why he didn’t show up for the Renegade Weekend? So odd lol