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Is MBoards Legit?


Don’t buy from MBoards. There is absolutely 0 support even on social media, and my package only got shipped when I filed a complaint to my bank (ironically, I was trying to contact him to cancel it). He fought the claim and sent picture proof that he sent the package after I wrote the complaint while claiming he had sent it before.

He’s in college, being young doesn’t really excuse this many issues. I’ve bought parts from high school kids without issue. He just needs to admit he can’t run it very well and stop, or start shipping out items properly. I haven’t seen anybody buy from him and not get screwed over.


I think the problem might be him not actually having what you purchased in hand. The stuff he sells is Chinese stuff. I think he just orders if after a you hand him the money, he waits for it to eventually come from China and then sends it to you.

I literally know where @JLabs’ charger came from in China but because he stocks them prior to posting it on his site I knew I would get it in 3-4 days instead of 3-4 weeks from China which is why I’m fine with paying for the profit he makes. The lesson MBoards needs to learn is to make everything a “presale” or pull off items that are not actually in stock.


Drop shipping almost


Drop shipping with poor communication and what appears to be no rush on either end of receiving and sending.

One day Mike is going to snap out of his youthful stupor and look back at this. He’s going to realize he had a decent marketing machine behind him from youtube views and he could have turned this little endevour into a fun small business, but he squandered it.

I can relate pretty hard.



At 38, I would’ve bitch slapped my 18 year old self. But then again, that 18 year old self would’ve pummeled by fata$$ HAHA


Finally got a reply after nearly two weeks from someone working for them who claimed literally “I was off for the weekend” WTF says he is sending out my order tonight after I threatened to cancel… will see if this happens. Never again, I’m in Oz and getting stuff here is a nightmare enough without this BS. Flipsky arrived before two weeks, DIY stuff arrived today ordered on 3rd Oct!!!


That “someone working for them” was Mike, he uses several names and refers to his “team” quite often. like - “I’ll check with the team”. There is no team.

Quite funny really :smiley:


his damn “team” is him, and his brother Mark. cringe


I ordered a bms from him about a year ago and it arrived in pieces. I sent him a picture and got no response. I tried to contact him through the forum and on his support page and no response. Never order from him if you can help it


I just quickly watched his most recent YouTube video:

He is 21 yrs old
Apparently has other “businesses” going on
Casey fanboy I’m guessing


Yeah he is a photographer…his skateboard videos get 10k views his photography videos get like 400 :joy:


Well I kind of laughed when he said he was his own boss… Great but at least be a competent one


I think you forgot one…


Finally got a reply after threatening to cancel my order…got a shipment email and 5 out of 6 items being sent !!! Arggggggggggggg :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Honestly some of the stuff is just him being lazy, “I’ll ship it out when I get the chance or when I feel like it”


Asked for when the last item will be shipped no reply

Sent him this

Some wisdom from someone that’s done this all before and had many people working for him in startup companies:
1 communication is the absolute key!!! If you can’t supply something in a timely manner, or you have some sort of delay, Be HONEST! TELL people what’s happening! most of the time people will cut you a break.
2 deliver what you promise! If it’s on the website as immediate dispatch then it has to be that, not two weeks later, again communicate…put it up as out of stock and have the date you can send it listed on the website
3 don’t process credit cards if you can’t send something in time, ASK the buyer if they don’t mind a delay

Good luck in the future. Remember, people buy companies not products! Word of mouth is your advertising, not you tube.



Asked for an update on when the final item will be shipped 7 Days ago and no reply. Ordered same thing from DIY and sent next day FML
Never again


DIYeboards? Yeah… dont order from them


I think he means diyelectricskateboards, Dexter is super on top of shipping


Yep DIYeboards are awesome
Flipsky awesome

MBoards- terrible