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I think we all backed the winning horse


Amazon has pulled all of those non-hovering fire starters. Long live the electric skateboard.


Always hated those things. Doesn’t even hover, not even a board.

:sigh: Guess I’ll just have to keep self balancing myself. And start my own fires too…


Not a board. Didn’t hover. Stupid.


YES, YES, and mutha effin YES!!! Those things always just annoyed the crap out of me. Good riddance!!


Unfortunately shoddy Chinese batteries and manufacturing are to blame for this one. I hate that this lead to the classification of batteries as dangerous goods for shipping. Lots of those same hoverboard manufacturers from China want in on electric skateboards, so we’re next…


I think that’s what took down the Malaysian planes! Yes those things are annoying and looks ridiculous (IMO).


To be honest, this are Segways without handlebars :joy:


Yeah, always thought those things were stupid. eBoards ftw.