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I lost my SK3 5055 Circlip!


Yes, as the title states, i lost the circlip for my Turnigy SK3 5055 Motor.

I lost it while i was taking it off it went flying and i have no idea where it is.

Does anyone have a dead SK3 with a 6mm shaft that i could have the circlip off?

I live in Australia so it would be better if you live in Aus as well.

I can pay for it! Help!


I got one I think, and im in aus


Awesome! Send me a private message


alright I send you my spare one, but you gotta go to someone you recently had a disagreement with and say “im sorry I was a jerk” even if you weren’t.



Do you mean on this forum, or just in life generally? :slight_smile:


in life.

im serious. you lucky I don’t ask for video evidence.


Okay. I will be sure to do so.


The “the good samaritan effect”. I love this forum!