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HYPER BEAST - 36" inch Deck With Integrated Enclosure! UPDATE!


Still like to offer… if anyone doesnt want theres… hit me up. Lol


@NAF just wondering, how many did you make? I remember counting 12 or 13 in one of your pictures.


@winfly - We’ve managed to make 11 decks. We started with 13 but those two remained unfinished :frowning: If we had wrapped them in CF in the beginning they would be ready as well but unfortunately we never finished them.


What are you doing with the unfinished ones?


Mines on the way yay, I may sell it though hahahahahhaha (not selling)



I mean i have a million…


I’ll make you one for a million…

Including sharks and friggin lasers…


Meh. Dont like sharks… im out


I have a 400 AUD store credit at enertion if anyone is willing to trade for a Hyper Beast deck. That is enough to get the new focbox with warranty!


@esk8jpn - Hi satoshi I’ve DM’ed you proper tracking number. The package already got to Japan. That’s pretty quick.


Mines here safe and sound, thanks @NAF


Awesome ! I am glad to hear that ! It seems like shipping went smooth. That was one of the things I was afraid that something may vanish or get damaged.


Thanks @NAF
I can’t wait!!!:joy:


I got it at laaaaaaaast!
21700 cells were arranged.

18650 cells are double stacked. 21700 cells are impossible.

It’s a handmade deck of excellent quality.
Brilliant work! Thank you for your effort. @NAF


Awesome glad you like it !! And again …seems like those national postage shippings work amazing.
The package went all the way from POLAND to JAPAN without any issues.




What are you doing with the defective boards?


Second this. I wouldnt mind a minor project…


Agreed, I would love to finish one up


mine arrived during the week safe and sound and its a work of art @NAF