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HYPER BEAST - 36" inch Deck With Integrated Enclosure! UPDATE!


Looks like euro cabinet hinges :slight_smile:


Looks similar to this hinge…need @NAF to confirm though.


@NAF need know how much to send and to what paypal address


Boys sorry for the delay…per usual with me I had a deadline at work and was out for the whole week.

Today my deck and @esk8jpn got sent out…yours and @banjaxxed are supposed to be sent tomorrow.
I’ll send you guys tracking ones I get it.


When buying hinges just make sure they have genuine Italian Pistons inside . Those hinges made in CHINA often won’t last too long and you need to pay for quality PISTONS as that’s the most important part. The biggest issue that we had with hinges was that you need to get the smallest dimension possible and these are not so popular as the big regular hinges.


Guys interesting NOTE:
Do you remember that scratch proof paint we were considering for the deck ?
It seems like one of the commercial brands called XWAY - they went for that…and this is the structure they got.
It has rought texture on it…so I can already tell that it wasn’t dilluted. I am pretty sure that the way we wanted to paint it could have much more smoother texture. Well so there is that. Thought I’d share this with you.



if you don’t mind sharing what the paint is called that would be awesome


So there are different manufacturers of this paint and I’ve seen some knock offs as well. Stay away from KNOCK OFFS they are not worth it.

The ones that I know that works:


But the problem is that you need to buy large paint cans, with this paint which is pricy !
But we have found very good paint from GERMANY called: MIPA PROTECTOR.

So the thing with MIPA is that you need to find one of there local dealers and you can buy smaller quantities with them.

NOTICE: bare in mind that using this paint is tricky ! Here are some examples of how to paint with it to achive different textures:


I’ve found something interesting…it seems like RAPTOR has their version also available in 2k - two component spray can for just 30$ . That’s pretty affordable. Maybe someone would like to test it out ?
This paint should be literally BULLET PROOF.


You know what guys ??? …fuck it I’ll test this paint on my own deck. I should get it in two weeks.
I’ve found cheap alternative which seems too good to be true. but hey…let’s do it for science.

and this is the texture :

The only issue with this paint is that it’s not 2k …so that’s why I have my doubts if it’s going to be scratch proof but hey …let’s test it out.

DIfferent cheap alternatives comparison:

and RUST-OLEUM PRO seems to have nice finish:

and one more alternative for 24$ also available in SATIN FINISH !!! and it should be legit as it’s 2k :

that eastwood thing looks very promising:


@NAF sent you the 70 euro but haven’t received tracking info just confirmation the payment went through from paypal?


@stormboard1 Got the payment - thank you…my father still hasn’t sent the decks yet. I need to wait for him, he is supposed to send probably today. Sorry about that guys. I’ll send you tracking as soon as I got it.
I’ll update you tomorrow.


thanks naf cant wait :slight_smile:


Have anyone start building their Hyper Beast yet? the integrated enclosure is so big it fit so many cells. That is double stacked 16 a row. those are my cheap cells not gona use them.


Daaaaaaam someone sell me there double stack…
12s8p is huuuuge


Mine is just the regular. it tight fits a double stack.


I can confirm Raptor Bedliner is legit stuff. I painted the last truck I had with it. The entire truck. Shit was tuff. The rustoleum and duplicolor is garbage. Tried it on random shit and hated the results


I was contemplating dubbelstacking as well. something like 10s6p. But will probably not tight fit them as stacked, but leave some more space between them to get the height down a little. I mean, not like I’m lacking space anyway.


@NAF did the decks get shipped?


Yes …my wife just messaged me today that my father finally shipped your deck @banjaxxed and @esk8jpn .
Big sorry guys for sucha a delay but I had my hands tight…just had to wait for them to ship it.
I am waiting for the tracking numbers …will DM you them tomorrow.

Anyway @stormboard1 don’t know if you had been following the thread but there is a chance that you might still stack too rows in your regular deck. Just do the measuring when you get it. But with that hard gasket there is a chance you might squeeze fuck loads of batteries anyway.