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HYPER BEAST - 36" inch Deck With Integrated Enclosure! UPDATE!


I don’t think so … for three reasons.

  1. TIME : It took us a lot more time than we initially anticipated. And what actually took us the most time was “sanding” …I wish I’ve recorded how many rounds of sanding there was involved.
  2. PRICE: The amount of materials that went into building it, also exceeded our initial plans, but at least I hope you guys can feel that it’s not a cheap deck but well handcrafted high end ride.
  3. SOMETHING NEW: We are working on a new mass production deck right now. It won’t be a Lamborghini as the Beast …it’s gonna be more like a Cadillac Escalade. Still good but totally different.


Do some measuring first. Some of the regular decks with that foam gasket might actually have 36mm inside…and it’s all wood so actually someone might try to sand off 1mm from the bottom as well for additional height…but that’s my guess so don’t take my word for it. :slight_smile:


I realized the aluminium lip is like ~1-2 mm taller on the button end. Would you advise turning the pin down maybe 1/4 turn? it looks to me that the pilot hole might not be big enough when you initially screw the pin in. idk if turning it would break the surrounding wood loose.


Hmm… can you DM me some close up images ? The thing is that the foam gasket is quite hard as it’s new so this may cause the lid to be 1mm taller…but after riding on it for some time it will slightly compress so that might help…but yeah there is some additional regulation with that pin …you won’t break anything by turning it down…but at this point I suggest that you start riding on the deck first to see how that gasket foam behaves…and then after few weeks you can try slightly turn that pin down to about 1mm. In general the lid works best if it requires some force to close it down.


Id be interested if someone wanted to change their mind wink wink. These turned out awesome naf. Look forward to your cadi


I hate to put holes in this thing lol. Gonna think long and hard.

Hey @NAF I haven’t ridden yet but I think you nailed the concave. Not so brutal like the Jet Potato.


you are right it seems to tight fit a double stack if no additional height is added to it. And I’ll get back to you once I get some miles on this beast. I have everything but the hummie V4 hubs ready to start the build.


!!! YES !!! THANK YOU !!! …finally somebody have noticed it !! :smiley: We did like three different iterations to come up with this shape which I really really like.


Awesome !! The good thing about tight fitting is that you won’t need any extra neoprane cushions as the batteries will be locked down tight anyway.


One more thing …when drilling please remember to drill “always from the outside to the inside” …and always pre-drill with small sharp drill first and use the that stepped drill bit that I’ve posted here a few posts ago. Or if you need to drill from the inside …than use super super small drill bit just to mark the hole…and then drill from the outside to the inside with bigger drill bit.


Would be interested in one if someone wants to part way with theirs


These are limited edition now…:sunglasses: How bout 1000 euro? Mohaha


Damn… wish I had been on the forum when this thread was started. THOSE DECKS LOOKS AWESOME!



Hey @NAF as much as this is as exciting as buying drugs off the darknet, do you have a way for me to pay you? I have sent on the address already.

Here’s hoping the battery enclosure is stuffed full of Poland’s finest :man_farmer:


address sent too and no reply
these decks looks sooo good gaaawd dammn


@NAF when is round 2?


No round two. He’s going to start making some other boards, different design though.


Does anyone know what type of hinge is used? Or is someone who received theirs able to take a close-up picture of the hinges? I’m doing a DIY version of a top-door mounted deck and am curious what is used here.


@NAF pm’d you about ythe 70euro