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HYPER BEAST - 36" inch Deck With Integrated Enclosure! UPDATE!


Yeah I agree, I think what he has been trying to do is let us know when something big happens ie the finish the decks, needed paint colour choice and so on. And I’d say he has been trying to avoid talking about and issues they’ve come to


I emailed him about 2 hours ago, he responded in half an hour.


Why not just post an update one here real quick each week literally take a minute


But that would just make things a lot less exciting and nerve wrecking, wouldn’t it?


Anyone get a pm?


Boys ! Prior to my moving to the US, I’ve noticed that three of the decks were not properly calibrated when closing and had to send them back to the workshop so my partner can correct them. They arrived back yesterday, so I now have all 11 decks ready to ship from Poland. I am closing this project in a few hours. So expect DM’s everyone.




A few hours have passed anyone got DM.


Nope sadly not


Welcome back @NAF hopefully not too unpleasant!IMG_9082


Winfly - Wing Chuen Lam


Cyber on U is @scepterr


Herro :), issa me linsus


Tim de Booij is me @Seikeau


@NAF I raised my hand in PM (I’m shy on teh internets)


@NAF pm’d you my name… I’m in first group


for future refrence i don’t recommend posting peoples full names on the internet without their permission


Hey man I don’t mind the wait but can you confirm I’m still on the list?


Anyone get a pm?


My shyness prevailed, I flagged the post with the names. @NAF I sent you a copy of the post.

Maybe instead, you can start a group chat with members from this post (and anyone else you snuck in)?