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HYPER BEAST - 36" inch Deck With Integrated Enclosure! UPDATE!


I hate to say it but I think the guy has bailed. I’d start talking to PayPal folks…


I didn’t pay him yet, got a pp addr? dm me and I’ll see if I can reach him


I think we need to get things cleared up here, also how did he get permission to even sell them at first? I heard that you need to be a higher level user to be able to sell brand new things and make group buys.

He hasn’t been for the entire time I’ve been here.


Can someone check the Metadata of the pictures, if he is dumb enough to have picture localisation in his phone (most people’s have this feature enabled) you can at least know if the pictures are taken recently and the location…


Theres sadly none, also all the file names of the pictures are called FullSizeRender.

Hmm, Render?


Would guess that’s just a name discourse puts on the images after they’re uploaded so it can have a smaller version for showing in the thread vs the full ‘render’ of the same file (probably original is thrown away). As a web dev you can’t really rely on users to appropriately resize images before upload.


This thread really grinds my gears.


Theres files with different names, IMG_xxxxx.jpg but few of them are called (FULL SIZE RENDER) The IMG_ ones are 100% taken on a phone.


This forum software resizes and removes all unnecessary info so no EXIF available…


I ran a Discourse forum myself. Admin should be able to check his IP addr. both the registration IP and last login. Also a built in IP lookup function.


Guess is onloop/Jason wouldn’t want to get that involved not sure why it helps anyhow. Also those IP lookup services aren’t great they will default to the middle of the US in many cases if they couldn’t find a valid geolocation for the IP plus ISPs re-use them and don’t give customers static IPs…

Not sure I understand about the issue with the files being named ‘render’ anyhow they are obviously photos anyone who spends that much time making realistic looking renders would be better off making the boards :slight_smile:


Tbh guys I think it’s just bad communication, we saw photos of the boards made from his original render so even if he wasn’t really selling he made 10 of them anyways so I’d say if you feel shaky on it file a claim I’m personally gonna ride this wave but that may not be the best option for you all


yeah, the IPs are usually masked by whatever ISP or hosting service. but it’s still somewhere relative to the real location, just a few 10s of miles away.
+1 on realistic photos. I really cant think of anyone would go through that much work for a small scam like this.


I still patiently waiting. I really hope he come through at the end. But if anyone wanted to investigate, there was the one thing I know might help.


Totally with you. Bad communication, for sure. But if he wanted to scam us he could’ve done it with either a lot less effort or for a lot more money. The pictures are saying a lot as well.

Please keep the witchhunt either of or to yourself.


So I sent him an email and got this response:

Hi Tim.
Sorry for the delay, three of the decks had to be resent to the workshop as they were not closing properly. I have all 11 decks now back in my apartment in Poland.
I’ll be posting an update today. We want to start shipping everything thing tomorrow.
I’ll be sending everyone DM’s today in a few hours.


I asked if I could post this info and he said “Please do” :slight_smile:


If there is an extra board left over from anyone pulling out, I’ll happily take there place :wink:


And I thought he had moved to Cali 10 days ago… :roll_eyes:


He said the decks would be shipped from Poland, honestly running group buys isn’t easy, he’s not the best at communicating but I can somewhat understand what it’s like to be swamped


when is that from?