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HYPER BEAST - 36" inch Deck With Integrated Enclosure! UPDATE!


Ya but he did say expect pms yesterday and iv a guy waiting to make a mount to fit the 38mm deck… @NAF


Yea I can’t justify that one


Also worth noting is that since being on the forum I have seen a lot of sellers make a lot of revisions or create an entirely new product during their group but which can definitely halt progress. I think having the scratch resistant paint would be nice but not worth the unknown wait. So I think that all sellers should focus on selling the one product that they are selling until that is done and then work on innovation


38mm i believe. I would still be willing to pay for the deck, but the lack of communication specifically when the product is 3 months overdue is not confidence inspiring.


still no update ??


Sadly not yet


Who ressurected him from the dead last time? Can we do it again?


We need to make a sacrifice to the Longboard gods to be able to bring him back.


Praise to skatan by burning all your current decks to show how much you want this one. Lol


I have nothing to burn other then my boosted i just got :frowning:


Do it for Skatan :metal:!


If everyone posts their boards to me I’ll make sure they are properly sacrificed… honest…


Officially past the second deadline to have the board shipped out @NAF what’s going on?


I just bet he is being probed by aliens led by Elvis returned to Earth, but that’s just a guess



That would be today :hear_no_evil:


@NAF helluw can these gents pls get a reply on whats going on.


Anyone got the Dms?


Unfortunately we have not (at least I haven’t) :pensive:


Earth to @NAF, Earth to @NAF, come in bro