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HYPER BEAST - 36" inch Deck With Integrated Enclosure! UPDATE!


Have faith young padawan


I would but…

The original ship date was March 31st, its now the end of June.
Weeks without updates, then sporadic updates but never when Naf said they would be.

I understand the dude is busy, but this ain’t 6 bucks worth of heat shrink, this is a substantial amount of money to a new vendor.

I have hesitated making this post for weeks hoping this would play out well, but alas I feel the need to disclose my experience. I filed a PayPal claim after weeks of no updates and unreturned PM’s. THe next day I got an email from Naf saying they would ship out 6/5 then a couple of short update posts here but still no real info.

PayPal told me, and take this with a grain of salt as we all know PayPal is not the most reliable of operators, “there are serious issues with this account” and approved my claim.

If there is no update in the next day or so with a specific ship date I would advise you folks to start looking into ways of getting a refund…


Still waiting on a 3d printer that was due december from kickstarter xD project raised 2M dollars. Lets not start the witch hunt yet.


There is a difference in a kickstarter and a product in this forum, you agree to the chance of not getting your product on kickstarter.

No one did it here, he promised a product at a specific date and has since then been very bad at giving updates.

He can be a bussy as he wants but he should be able to just come online on his phone for 5 min and say (Hey guys its all good) Instead of leaving the customers in the dark.


Well, I see the transaction here as less serious then kickstarter. This is kind of an open market for ppl who are esk8 junkies. I mean, he hasnt sold anything before, noone can vouch for him beeing legit and here we are tossing money. This definatly feels like alot more risk. Talking about risk. Noone seem to discuss that here, Every project and group buy has risk. Seen 0 risk analyzes on this forum so far. Proffessionally I know that 80% of all projects get delayed. Aslong as I hear something here every week Im all good. Never expected this to be done in march :roll_eyes:

  1. The boards are real or shot as well as the faked moon landing
  2. They appear to be finished
  3. He is moving country
  4. I have not been asked to pay yet & could have been

i think it’s still on but…

Never can understand why not spend like 20s saying too busy for proper update please standy…it does not take 5 mins, you can do it while having a shit if you’re really that busy

I did get fucked once or twice namely @Shogu12 and his wife, I do not think this will turn into that


No witch hunt, at least not from my post. I simply stated facts and gave some advice. I don’t appreciate the accusation.


Hehe is that what “shit post” means?


Im sorry if you feel targeted. I just responded to what I read in your previous post with PayPal and all. And hey theres nothing wrong with a good ol’ witch hunt…if its justified ofc!


It’s not about targeting or feelings. You implied that I was starting a witch hunt and that is absolutely not true, just relating the facts of my personal situation. I’ve been waiting over a year for hubs, but the guy making them stays in the loop and keeps us updated so no worries.

  1. When I’ve got a couple of hundred bucks on the line, I like updates. I don’t think that is unreasonable.
  2. I’m sure the decks are being made and are going to be great, but when someone starts to ghost I get worried. I don’t think that is unreasonable.
  3. I sent multiple PM’s all of which went unresponded too, I started a PayPal claim and that got a response, but that response proved to be unreliable. I don’t think that is unreasonable

I don’t see a witch hunt here…


Im not disagreeing with you, but you have to understand that saying “PayPal responded that the account has serious issues” and “start looking into refunds” dsnt really spread optimism?
You probably dont mean it that way but thats how it comes across.


@mmaner I apreciate the heads up. Why shouldn’t you be worried if given a response like that from PayPal. If it were rumors from around here then yeah call it a witchhunt…this ain’t no witchhunt


Serious issues for PayPal is an account that has new transactions from many different countries so I wouldn’t analyze that too much.


I am not trying to spread optimism, Im trying to warn other fellow esk8rs that there is something ‘not great’ going on here.

And by fellow esk8rs I mean people that have spent money on this…

As far as I can tell you haven’t even bought one. Maybe I’m wrong, but if not you dogging another person who has spent money is a bit ridiculous. If you have spent money on this, then OK I understand you dont wanna piss the guy off but my motivation is to warn the people that have spent money here.


I Have bought one. You’re looking at the wrong list. I just think you’re jumping the gun too fast, ive said my piece.


That’s fine, but calling it a witch hunt gives it a maliciousness that wasn’t intended nor present and I dont think I deserved that.


Alright, I didnt realise the weight of that Word I guess. My appologies.


Did you get 33mm or 38mm deep?


I went for the 38mm anyway


I think he could definitely do a better job with updates but I also believe that a lot of people not involved in this group buy of 10 people have been pm’ing him and adding to the confusion