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HW6.4 based ESC - ESCape



Hi all.

To stop hijacking the VESC6 thread I am opening this one to talk about the ESC I have made based on the BV VESC6.4 schematics. The only change I have made was on the motion tracking chip.

A few people already purchased it and almost finished them all, only waiting for the cover PCBs to arrive. So soon there will be some reviews.

This is how it looks like

Been using one on my esk8 with a small heatsink controlled by a nunchuck RF and an old laptops wifi antenna and it is great!

Any questions just hit me up

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What kind of differences does it have in performance with the different chip? Is it not as responsive? Also what kind of price difference is there?


any more for sale/testing? i have 95% of the components on hand, just need pcb


Looks awesome man. How much would I be looking at for a pair of these?


Nice pics!


Post the video of it working, you shared with me iguess. People will be more intrested


Biggest questions: do you also have an enclosure (the direct FETs need one if I am not mistaken) and what’s the price range?


The difference is that I designed the PCB for the MPU-9250 instead of the 9150 (obsolete) but that chip doesn’t come populated and it is not implemented in the firmware as far as I know.

I am selling at the moment at 130GBP (without transfer fees) plus shipping and doesn’t come with housing.


I sell bare PCBs as well and provide BOM and stencil files.


Sorry to ask but how is the 9150 used in the firmware?

I am selling at the moment at 130GBP (without transfer fees) plus shipping and doesn’t come with housing

Any plans for a housing and heat sink? That’s a very good price.

Maytech 'Sport' 120A 12S ESC?

How much for 2 bare PCBs and stencil’s to NYC?


7.5GBP (10USD) each plus shipping (8GBP). I don’t sell stencils, only share the files so you can order one from your favourite stencil maker.


That 9150 is a gyro and accelerometer. It is not used in the firmware.

I have a design for the housing, don’t have a CNC mill though. I will sort something out soon.


@scepterr want to split? I’m down for a pcb or two.


So your Hardware is compatible to the newest firmware (lightly modified cause of different chip)?
What about further updates? Will you implement that as well?
When are you ready to deliver?


@akhlut and @scepterr if you guys are states side I would be in to get 2-3 of these to test out


@JohnA we’re getting just the PCB


@scepterr yeah I’m aware, I wanna get better at smd soldering.


Reflow ovens about to be ordered lol


Here are the STEP and STL files @stewii is providing for the housing. Can we find a cheap source to CNC machine these in A7075? Anyone? I would be interested in (2)