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Hummie's wood carbon decks imported into the UK/EU (Completed) Poll for new batch?



Hummie ships decks from the US for the US market but I can send enclosures over. Slowboat is around £18.
express is around £28.


Here is a difference between single and double stack enclosure


Thanks @ereton for the pics. I have 90mm wheels I was going to mount under the deck not drop through. Just trying to work out the clearance with the double. It’s for a dual 6354 with caliber trucks, either a 10s4p pack with single enclosure or a 10S5P with a double. I can’t decide!!!


I got a 10s5p into the single stack. Very small BMS and some tight wiring!
I have a hummie deck set up on 90mm abec at the moment and there i plenty of clearance. Considering putting a double stack under there and going 4x4 and have no worries with the clearance.


I’ve got a 12s4p in mine with plenty of room, charge only BMS of course. Ive been thinking about the same thing as you. 4x4 with gear drive on the back and hubs on the front with 97mm wheels. Not sure if i’ll do it, but it sounds fun. Definitely have to do a double stack battery though.


What kind of mechanical system you going with?


I have 2 sets of carvon V 2.5.


Oh man, that would be sexy.


As it rides at the moment it’s actually ok. Pretty fast top speed but I feel that I’m a bit of a lump for them with hills. I think it would go pretty well in a 4x4 configuration.


Mmmm hmmm. Thats why I opted for 4x4 on the TB DD…


Mines got a 12s4p with fat boy antispark and tiny bms. Works well with abec 97 or 6” nummies.

Going to go large on the enclosure, make it 8p and add a diebiems… that’s on 6” nummies only probably.


Finally got my batteries and all bits ready for a build BUT can’t start until get a I get this deck ? :disappointed:

Any News ??? @bigben


There’s none so far.
Things normally go quiet while they make them then they are shipped very quickly.
Hummie reckoned 2 weeks a few days back.
I’d early in Jan what with the holidays over here.


I like the new avatar @bigben. Been meaning to mention that.


It’s how I seem to be seeing myself a lot so I thought I’d share the experience.
I was getting bored of the one with the pink enclosure!


Do you need to make new double stack enclosures?


Word on the street is that the decks are being sent out next week!
Still the chance to reserve a deck or two if you want.


You have me down for one right?


Yes. You’re on the list.


Perfect. Thanks.