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Hub pulleys 12 or 15mm options


I’m looking for buying a 12mm or 15mm hub pulley, I don’t really care about the teeth number ( 32, 34, 36) but I would like one wich doesn’t requires the modification of the caliber trucks.
I was thinking about this one 36T in 15mm.
Will I have to mod the trucks ?
Do you guys have some other links ?


That’s a good one in 40t. I printed the 36t and the teeth are not as tall as the 40t. No modification needed to trucks.


Alright so 40T 15mm, no mods needed on calibers ? PERFECT ! Thanks, I’ll print both and compare, maybe If I tighten the belt a bit it won’t slip out


Correct. I usually get about 100 miles on those pulleys, if the belt tension is correct.


got a 36T 15mm (“thick”) of these printed in ABS for my 83mm ABEC’s and have 250km on them, still looking good!


Nice! I printed the 36t but the teeth seemed smaller than the 40t. Did you experience this? maybe my file was corrupt, or something.


I had skipping tooth in the beginning, but pulley looks good to me, I did tight up the belt now a bit and don’t have any issues, took me a while to figure the right tension tough, never printed the 40t so I don’t know, would love to have something like a 33T or something around this number.

anyway, big shout out to the guy on thingiverse :grinning:


Ours don’t require any modification.


Here are some pictures of my 36T ABS printed pulley after approx. 280km.

@mccloed, you are right, the teeth could be a bit deeper.

Since we are talking about pulleys, here are some pictures of my aluminium motor pulley, left approx. 280km, right new.


think they are good for another 100k’s at least, how many k’s do you guys do on your pulleys?


Where did you find these screws ?


got some M4 80mm ones from the local warehouse incl. nuts . I did cut them down, it’s not the most beautiful work though. The ABS pulley is softer than one might think, so don’t tighten the screws too much.


Alright, nice !


Yup. Those look just like my other printed pulleys after a while. 280km is pretty good! I’ve modified the 36t with taller teeth. Haven’t tested them yet. Let me know and I can send you the stl file. I put the 9mm and the 15mm in one print.


cool man! PM incoming!