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How to use 63mm motors with evolve motor mounts



Just wanted to share this part that I made that allowed me to use 63mm motors on my stock evolve motor mounts. This is a spacer that goes between the motor and the motor mount which creates more surface area for the parts to contact. It can also add a nice little bit of an accent color. I haven’t stress tested this too much, as I’m not a heavy duty user, but from my tests it seems to work perfectly and my belts haven’t lost any tension. Here’s the part:

Please note that I am only able to mount each motor using two of the four mounting screws because of the different evolve mounting dimensions, but this seems to still work fine for me and I haven’t run into any issues.


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So I have to put mine here :blush: ,… but not tested on road yet :






Quick assembly

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Hey guys, i’m looking for cool motor mounts, pulleys and belts for my diy board with evolve trucks, 107mm flywheels, 12s5p battery, focbox unity and dual 63mm motor (i’m not sure which one right now).
Can you offer some mounts worth the money? (Maybe a set of everything?)

Thanks guys


@Smani 6374s on evolve trucks… mounts from hyper ion sys

Mounted on my GT. @hyperIon1 ( thanks man!)


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