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How to make a board that reaches 35+ MPH?


i meant the 76mm should have 18% more peak acceleration compared to the 90mm


Just remember that those big wheels are heavy and if the board starts getting wobs it is way harder to get them back under control compared to a lighter wheel.


That’s true, we shall see if that ever happens. I have yet to get a speed wobble on my Evo but I have the trucks dialed in perfect for me :).


That makes perfect sense to me. The problem, at least for me, is the shit-tastic roads with pebbles all over. Bugger wheels means less chance of a sudden stop, as in the roll over capability is higher the bigger the wheel.


Yeah but i have noticed that at these speeds I just blow through the rough stuff same as a larger wheel. In fact the wider lip on the smaller wheels feels more stable in the rough patches but this is only in my experience.


Maybe it’s a difference in topological conditions because I’ve seen the opposite. We have lots of asphalt, which is great when it’s new but turns into a frikkin runics cube of obstructions.


Checkout this video, these guys are probably running a max wheel size of 73 mm on some of the worst pavement in SoCal. Usually a harder duro than us as well. In this race it looks like they top out around 35 mph. Some of these riders also do world record events. During the WR events some guys run big wheels but the roads are buttery smooth anyway. Now that I am venturing back to a standard size for DH riding I am starting to see some of the drawbacks of really big wheels at high speed. It could be the wider contact patch, at this point I’m not really sure. @MoeStooge has the right idea on going big without a lot of weight. Heavy wheels feel like they want to bounce a lot when I hit rough patches at high speed.


I think something like centrax wheels, ultra wide (77mm I think) with a solid core might be a have changed.


Finally some one to back me a bit . I’ve been saying the same. 90 max. I’m not into the Tonka truck wheels. I want lighter boards to be like my DH and pusher boards that are nimble as fuck. ill lose 2 to 3 pound easy changing from abec 11 97 to 85 seismic speedvents when @PXSS helps me out… I think we need your 76mm sooner @chaka


I used to race mtbikes in my younger days, I would train on relatively heavy wheels, slime ect… On race day I would run my race wheels which were very light. The effect was similar to using weights on a bat to warm up in baseball. Rotational weight plays a huge role in performance.

FYI, you can find 76mm wheels now but they need to be modified a little to fit most drives and that is why we are working to have another option made :wink:


I’m not to familiar with the belt set up or gear I’m still new to this game … I’ve only bought pre built hub not know of the diy game till this year and i built a speeddrive this year…so only familiar with hubs drives really but ive been riding skatboards for 25 years and just got into this eskate I’m just gonna save up for your sweet katana set up and wait patiently for you to release the goods as I’ve been reading and watching and your gear is killer @chaka. I loved my old cronin back on the day


Thanks @Frenchy I am a big proponent of an adjustable drive, now more than ever as I tune my boards for the upcoming race. No sense in having a board that reaches insane speeds if the course won’t allow it. Being able to use a combination of wheel sizes and drive ratios is going to be key to winning in years to come.


This is 100 % true I use to race quads and my yamaha banshee I had a three different tires sizing for different tracks …smaller tighter tracks I ran smaller tire with a larger paddle tread and larger wheel with smaller paddle on jumping tracks …then I had my x cross tires for wooded tracks


18/36 12s 107mm. I got to 34mph and I didn’t “floor it” yet. No idea how some people regularly go that fast.


When I had my board setup to 20/32, 107mm superflys and 10S I got up to 48.9mph and wobbed out… 35 is easy… But I don’t try to go faster than 40 these days, so 20/36/107mm/10S has been serving me well. Reach 40 mph easy with a little headroom left if I’m feeling crazy.


Ok. so with 2 motors it wouldn’t use more power?


38.7 mph on flats bro. Don’t skimp me out of my .7 mph.