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How do I fix this? - Loose phase wires



What: NTM 50/60

Problem: loose phase wires

When: just took a ride…sparks started flying…turned off the board and noticed the phase wires got sizzled

Evidence: :eyes::film_projector:

Additional Info: motor seems to still work but will spark if the wires touch (no duh)

Hit me with a solution!

Best regards,

The Motor Slayer


Taking into account that the coils could be burned during the short-circuits, start with measuring your resistance on all 3 of them, the results should be equal.
If they are okay, it’s just a matter of opening up your motor and solder new wires with bullet connectors on the places the old ones were.
Maybe if the wire damage isn’t too big, a heatshrink could be an easy temporary fix.


It looks like your whole stator is loose. You’ll need to take the bell off and epoxy that back into place.


Yup, I am afraid that thisrealhuman is correct. Not just a case of resoldering something. When moving the outer can (rotor) the inner core (stator) should not move at all. Depending on motor construction there may be a set screw you can tighten between stator and housing.


This happened to my friends ntm 270 for some reason it broke I just opened it cans used metal epoxy and it’s all good


Get that tape of your motor while you are at it. You wouldn’t where a parka to the beach. I would guess you have been overheating that motor which caused the epoxy to fail.


Buy a new motor, this motor needs to much Love to still be worth it.


+1 on the FISA comment (F** It start again)


I’ll take it off your hands for ten bucks



Thanks guys …

Yep ur right @chaka but was testing what would happen and I guess I know now! :nerd_face:

@barajabali I bet it is saveable but I have zero desire to open and epoxy (cause I’m Lazy)

@JTAG that’s why I have spare motors lol…like inner tubes for flats lol

@thisrealhuman looks like I have another one for you hahhahha


As an observation on NTM 50/60:

The stator moving seems to be a re-occurring issue with this NTM…seen 4 different examples of the same thing. Not sure if this is a quality issue but has been a reoccurring theme - Just a personal observation - so these will be the last I own


I think the problem is that they are not built for high torque from braking. I’ve repaired two of these in my time with the same issue.


I wonder if you could just drill a couple small holes through the stator and the stator mount (not sure exactly what its called) and then put a couple pins in it. So it wouldn’t just be a friction fit, but you could still take it off if needed.


I was bustin up a hill last night…I know not to break hard with these motors…I think that’s one of the biggest things that lessen these motors lifespan… These motors aren’t purposed for this … It was definitely heat related … Pushing too many amps for the motor to handle and the wires and can heated up… … I know it wasn’t because of wires rubbing because I keep mine tidy…

Looks like there will be a new slew of e-board motors for all of us to play with…hopefully over engineered to meet the rigors of what we all love


That’s what I did on my motors, no glue just a screw holding it from turning.
Will have to put more miles on them to see how it holds up though.


Got any pics?

20 weooooords


If and when one of the bearings give up I’ll get some for you, had a cigarette butt get stuck between the belt and motor pulley a while ago that jammed it, might have damaged a bearing.
Can’t be assed to open it up until then, been to much on the bench as is :stuck_out_tongue: