How do i fix my vesc!


how to I fix my vesc. When I was using my vesc and it just stop working and now all i get is a red light


gonna need more info than that bud


OK then when I plunged it up to the tool on the computer all the settings were set to 0 . so I rest them and its still not working


Go to console and type ā€˜faultsā€™. You probably blew your DRV and will need to replace it.


what dose that mean


the tool on the computer


In BLDC-Tool go to the terminal tab and sent the command faults. It will tell you the error.


This may help


Please post a bit more detail and picture about your setupā€¦ Also have you try to contact your vendor


And WHEN did you buy it ?


Fault : FAULT_CODE_DRV8302
Current : 0.2
Current filtered : 0.5
Voltage : 33.07
Duty : 0.00
RPM : 0.2
Tacho : 84
Cycles running : 0
TIM duty : 8
TIM val samp : 1050
TIM current samp : 3150
TIM top : 4200
Comm step : 5
Temperature : 32.39


I bought this for some dude and how do I send you my set up


ahhh nothing better than a DRV error code. Can you take a picture of your VESC?


From witch compagnie have you buy your VESC ? It sound like the problem every one got with the 2.18 first release firmwareā€¦


Just FYI @chaka said he was never able to burn a drv with this bug


sorry my internet stop working so what do I need to do


hello sorry for not replaying


Do you have any pictures of your VESC?


no but can get you some


Uploadingā€¦ Uploadingā€¦