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Hobby King 6s BMS?



Found this BMS on hobbyking and im wondering if anyone knows if it would be good for my 6s build?. I dont think the discharge of 10a is high enough though so im just checking


No Bueno too low discharge just go to battery supports.com


Unfortunately your answer is right in the title of the BMS:

10A Discharge - no bueno for any e-board i know. While you don’t likely need a 100A discharge, you definitely need more than 10A. My dual 5065 setup showed a consistent peak of 40-45A iirc.



Yeah thats what I was expecting thanks though


You can use it for charging purpose but not for discharge purpose, its too low Amps. You need about 30A minimum with a better stability at around 80A discharge. If you plan to use it however anyway, better to connect the ESC / VESC from the battery directly.