Hill Eating Commuter Board



Man the fan boys coming in swinging lol.

I was never trying to say tb vescs are bad and avoid them. Far from that. It seems like that’s what you think I’m saying for some reason. If they work great, was trying to see where they are at now compared to before. I never meant to swing at tb. A lot of emotions here and people ready to attack. Like you want to strike fear in anyone saying anything cause theirs a mob ready to attack.


All I want to do is get to the bottom of why so many vescs used to fail (I never saw any real unbiased effort into this).

Vedder himself said he recommends using the 6 over the 4.12.

Maybe the problem is me and the way I ride. But if they will break the way I ride, then how do you know the next noob that comes along isn’t going to break it because he rides that way also… if it can be broken When used within the specs given then there’s a design flaw. If not, great. I have a cheap esc I can recommend to noobs.


You say that, but it doesn’t change anything. When you label someone as a fanboy your degrading their opinion by insinuating that their opinion is only formed from their love of a product or person and not experience. It’s not fanboys, its correcting a statement you made that will confuse new builders. Insulting people that don’t agree with you is kind of elementary and childish.

You said…

That statement says that previously they had a bad track record. TB did NOT have a bad track record. What you said was false.

You said…

Once again, false.

There are literally hundreds, likely thousands, of people using TB VESC’s in FOC that don’t have issues, yet you persist with the opinion that to work reliably they need upgrades. Its just crazy!

I just don’t understand why you make these insulators without data to back them up and then insult people when they correct you.


I’m not going to say anything cause it’s pointless and I’m wasting my time. We have a difference in opinion, ok. It was pretty unanimous on the forums that at one point they had issues. But if you want to deny that, ok. We have a difference of opinions.


Then show it, as I don’t remember that at all. My issue is that you can’t prove your insinuations and then insult people that disagree. Not cool.

But your right, we have a difference of opinion. I’m confident that when you test TB VESC’s you will see that they are good for more than just BLDC.


@Boxer86 i’m seriously wanting to get these but only thing that is holding me back is motor mounts for the evolve trucks / do you know an option for this

i was about to buy them but realized the mount is for their motor which is alot smaller


I bought them without the mount and just made my own plate out of stainless steel however you can buy mounting plates for the supercarvers to suit 63mm motors on the forum or if you do a quick internet search. Living in Australia though makes them pretty expensive which is why I made my own. They are actually very simple to make if you have a drill and grinder but if you don’t have these and the skills and time you may just want to buy the mounts. I will see if I can find some and link them.


thanks man, i did find some on here but its really expensive with shipping to aus.

i was looking at how to modify something to work can i ask what you used, i have the tools and ability to do most things.

Sorry i see you already said stainless steel - just a blank plate?

I was thinking if i can buy some sort of mount that already exists and modify it (maybe even the evolve one itself) but if the problem is its too small for the motor that may not be possible


My home made mounts


Awesome man nice and simple - i like it!

I guess with the evolve’s its alot easier to do something like that as its not as important to be a snug fit over the truck because the screws are whats holding it on?


Exactly you have heaps of room. Also an option might be to buy the @Boardnamics mounts which are cheap and simply drill an idea extra hole in them to suit the truck mount. I have these mounts too and have taken a photo to show you. They fit perfect with two holes lining up but the third not so you would need to just drill that one out when you have positioned the mount where you want it. They would also have to be reverse mounted. This is the only reason why I didn’t use them as I wanted to mount my motor infront of the rear truck rather than behind and behind the front truck. Other than that they fit fine. They are not as strong as stainless but are lighter and will be plenty strong enough for what you need


i definitely also don’t want to reverse mount so will have to have a think but appreciate the ideas man !


Alright…would love some opinions and feedback regarding this - I’ve done some major research and I think I can do this for $800-$850 Total




Power (only going 6s) I can always upgrade later honestly this will be sketchy where I ride any faster.

Wheels (still trying to hunt down black ones)


Mount (i see this as the only option at the moment)

Gear & Pulleys
(actually still stuck here but it’ll only be another $50ish cost wise (i hope)). It doesn’t look like I can use the Evolve ones I’m also considering getting evolve wheels to make this part easier.



Looking for a BMS in Australia still.

Some people are not going to like some of my choices (cheap HK mount especially) but for the Evolve trucks there really is no options unless I want to spend 300AUD on mounts. So I’m willing to give it a go for science worst comes to worst I’ll do as @Boxer86 did with the steel.

I figure with the max speed the mounts are going to have a chance if I was building a 60km beast I’d avoiding them 100% - some parts definitely wouldn’t go cheap on and yes this is a huge component (open to better solutions) but realistically no matter which way I went I’d be modding the fk out of it to fit evolve trucks (yes i really want to use evolve trucks)

Questions/concerns/feedback welcome. I’m open to trying things and maybe we can all learn from this build.

Cheers for the input so far this forum really has some awesome people and I’ve gone from zero to knowing a shit load in a short amount of time thanks to everyone here! Still plenty to learn but I think I’m at the point I need to start doing to figure out if I’m way off or on track so research on hold for now…


Man for $800 you make a fairly nice board. Those parts are not worth the money.

I would recommend 10s lipos, 190kv Keda motors, a vesc or two from flipsky or hobbyking (search eBay), bypass bms and charger.

Please take some of this advise, there is a reason not many use 6s and high kv motors. If you want a full parts list pm I can help you out with some that will work well.

Edit: I just read the bit about the evolve trucks, I think you should look into gulwing sidewinder trucks, they are essentially the same just narrower and welding some custom aluminium mounts to them


Thanks man I have been doing heaps of research but dont necessarily know what is good/bad apart from parts going well over budget so I just messed around heaps to try find something closer to is. PMd you would definitely appreciate a list


My first board was a 6s with high kv motors.
I found this site a week later and started a 12s build. I don’t really ride the 6s anymore.
Do your research. You’ll save in the long run.
(Im not saying you should go 12s first build)