Higher precision bearings (Beta/Testing Stage)



I can get you the link I don’t think they will be the same price as above as that is my rate.


Wow, $15.39 each for HY608-2RH PEEK P63 VG001 is $123.12 excluding pulley bearings. If they last through brine and grit though, they’d be worth it in the end…


I would have to check what my price is I know it is less than the 15.39 cause I am basically there test person for skateboards cause I contacted them several years ago when this was in the works but they can probably do a sample price.


Having all the motor bearings and pulley bearings and wheel bearings made from those would be bringing esk8 further into the “tool” world and away from the “toy” world, which would be fantastic :slight_smile:


I’ll have to wait until Monday to ask them about my price for a sample


Just wanted to say I am interested in getting 8 sets (64 total) bearings if you get a group buy together.


What types I will see what prices I can get


So I got my discount for the bearings. I’m check with them to see if they could just drop ship a set to you so you can be a tester and eliminates the extra shipping. Figured if they work for you then they will work for basically anyone. Price would be about $50 for a set of 8 hybrid bearings may be different once I get the shipping figured out I figured a 50 spot isnt to bad for high precision bearing. What is the zip? . You can pm me if you want.


These are screenshots of drawing and the specs of the bearings right from the manufacturer.


Ordered a set of hybrids for @b264 to start testing in his extreme winter travels. If anyone else is interested or has questions let me know.



These feel packed with grease. They feel like they would be terrible for downhill longboarding, but these may be exactly what we are looking for in an all-weather powered skate. I will subject them to a harsh Midwestern winter and see what happens.




Would you mind popping a seal off of one so we could have a peek at the grease, seals, and size of the steps?


They have so many product lines, which one do you use?


I feel like that may not be reversible


That’s unfortunate. Well, once one inevitably blows up please do some sciencing for us! Unless they never go bad o.0