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High Power 10s Lipo Battery Pack with BMS


I get what your saying but The big question is, 240A 8ah Vs 45a 9ah could the higher Amps make the range near the same?

Edit: changed 10s3p to 9s3p so comparison can be easier.


The debate between li-ion and Lipo continues…
(Btw lion is better XD)


The more amps the less sag, the less sag the more you stay out of the throttle…so it ‘could’ equal, I dont know if it will but the difference is minimal, shouldnt be an issue.


I just think that Lipo has a lot to offer on a lower price making it perfect for someone like me.
(FYI lipos are better):stuck_out_tongue:


Me two…
I like the high current output in a compact, light weight, inexpensive and easy to build solution where long range isn’t needed.


Wait what my 8000mah lipos can’t go far?


I have been reading this thread for a few days now and I’m thinking my mind has been changed. I’m looking at building a MTB board with dual drive (190 kv 6364 motors) and I was going to use Li-on batteries but I’m now thinking of using Lipos. I’m going to be using the board in a non-conventional way, on a golf course. So I don’t need speed (10-15 mph) and distance 10-15 miles should be plenty. The course is rather flat a few good sized hills I would have to go up. Do you think this setup with get me what I’m looking for? I’m about 215 lbs and maybe another 15 lbs for my gear.


Better to go with 6374’s for low speed hill climbing.
They have lots of torque.
And Use large wheel pulleys


This thread has actually been inspiration for my first build. Thanks heaps Namasaki for putting the details up here - and an even bigger thanks for staying active in the thread!

I originally had selected 5x Zippy 2s 8000mah 30c batteries, but seriously considering the 60c 5000mah even with the hit ill take to range. Would it make that much noticable difference to sag or general punch? 60c batteries would be up to 300a discharge, 30c would be 150a. In the real world on mostly flat ground, would this make much of a difference to the feel of the board to a 115kg skater? What would you choose? 5000mah 60c (theoretical 16km range) vs 8000mah 30c (theoretical 27km range)

Are the hardcase batteries physically strong enough to provide protection if they were not covered by an additional enclosure? My gut is telling me dont even risk it, but I need to ask the question.


8ah x 30C is 240a but neither that or the 300a for my packs is truly accurate. They are overrated as are all Lipo packs on the market.

Still, My 60C packs work really well on hills and even better on flat ground and though I have not used the Zippy flight max, they should work well especially if your just riding on flats.
The Flightmax are a lot larger than the Turnigy 5000/60C which is why I didn’t use them on my builds. I considered them but they where just too big.
The Turnigy’s are very compact and the hard case is very strong. I tried to break one open once and had a hard time doing it.
You may get a substantial increase in range with the Zippy 8000’s especially on flats so if you need more range and have room for them, I would give them a try.


Thanks for your help. The sizing really is quite different on those 2 batteries. I hadn’t realised quite how much before now.


Forgive my ignorance:

In my setup, I have two 4C 5000mah batteries in series. Basically, instead of connecting my main + & - to the VESC , those will go into the BMS , and then go to the VESC, and my balance ports will (or can) go independently into the BMS, depending on the model…? or am I going to have to determine a certain pin out from there? I have these in an XT90 connection setup currently, but the batteries are barrel - XT90 converted (if that matters)


would it be a problem doubling your battery pack ?

i mean using 10 pieces instead of five 5000mah 2s lipos (serial & parallel) to get 10000mah 10s


I believe it has been done


Read this m8y: -

I’m still currently charging my batteries through a balance wire splitter to a balance charger (charging 4~6 5s batteries at once), as I’m waiting for a BMS designed on here to be complete.

You can do it, but make sure you do it safely.


Just got my battery pack connected and ready to go. In what order should everything be connected and turned on when charging? Do I plug the charger in the board and then turn the charger on, and then the board?

Thanks for your help! :grinning:


If you have 4x, they work fine under any conditions.
In winter it has 0.8v voltage sag on a hill where my dual focbox craps out before I reach the top. Should be better once the Temps go up.


Yes, that sequence works best


That’s a nice enclosure. Do u sell those and would it fit 6 of the 2s batteries and a single vesc and bms?


I do sell them. Should be no problem with another 2s pack in there.
Here is my instagram for a few more pics.

The enclosure you were looking has 545mm internal length.