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High Power 10s Lipo Battery Pack with BMS


They normally use the A123 26650 batteries to make the batteries, usually 6, maybe 8, so I figure I could make a comparable one using these much less expensive 18650’s.


I was just looking at some Trampa boards and came across their VESC V6.1

and it seems like it’s very different, and from what they’re saying it’s the best one you can get, by far…? Has anyone read up on these things?


Hi guys,

Having a ‘little’ problem here
I was recently working on my battery because the negative end had come loose of the BMS.

Now I managed to create some sparks from shorting by letting the negative battery lead touch one of the ‘thingies’ on the BMS. (see picture) the middle lug of the ‘thingy’ has the most ‘damage’.

This caused some colouring on the solder, but worse is probably that it seems to be the cause of my BMS not fully charge the battery anymore (stops around 68%)…

Could this easily be fixed? Or could it be the case that more hardware is affected?
I don’t have a voltmeter yet to test things, but maybe you can give some direction in the matter!


EDIT: I created a new topic on the matter but thought it would be good for people to have a sense of where to go to if they face the same problem as me


@MattHarder This is a question that is not directly related to the topic. I would suggest you to create a new topic.
This can be done on the homepage in the upper right corner you find a button ‘create new topic’.

To answer you’re question nonetheless;
Money vs. quality is your factor now. Cheaping out on batteries is not the best thing though, I would advise to get a 30C rated battery as a minimum to not stress the batteries as much. A BMS is something you need to consider as well
A bestech bms will help prolong the life of your batteries, keeping them balanced while discharging (lipos tend to go out of balance).
But a cheap bms can also be used albeit only for charging (NB not ‘discharging’) and could go for like 10 bucks, 1/8th of the price for a Bestech BMS.
I would suggest the Bestech BMS and see it as an investment that you’ll be glad for making


@GunnarK Thank you so much! That helps me a lot. Sorry about posting this here I am new to the forums and didn’t know how to post anything by itself. Thanks so much


Is there any way you can post your vesc settings with this build?


Dual Motor Settings


Thanks! What would you recommend for a single drive? I’m setting up as we speak


The only thing I would change for single drive is the battery min current.
with this battery build and a single drive, you could run the battery min current at -20


@Namasaki, is it possible to run 10 packs of 2s/5000mah/60c (to a 10s2p setup) and use a 10s bestech bms?


I haven’t tried this but I guess it’s doable.
It would be better to get high capacity, high discharge packs and keep it simple.


It is I have done it.

How should my charging solution be?

This is great news for me.
Thanks, @mmaner.


You must be getting close to 30 miles range with that setup.


If I could stay out of the throttle I would :grinning:. I get about 22 to 24.


Still some serious range.


Yeah, it’s fun. I take it out if town alot, because I know I won’t have to charge often. I really haven’t ridden it much lately. With the Jet Spud 29 & now the Evo on 6 Shooters I’m having fun :grinning:


Hey @Namasaki I’m thinking of going 12s, and also want to swap the wheel pulley from 36 to 32 which I have laying around.

I understand speed will increase.

Is there anything (aside from speed and safety) that I should worry about? Or is this perfectly fine with my single 170KV + FocBox build?

@ryan_pogi @mmaner I was thinking about doing the same exact thing the other day. Glad to know it is possible.


Questions, @mmaner, @Namasaki.
1.) So battery #1 and #6 balance wires go together, right? Is it better to solder them, then heat shrink? or a butt connectors will do?
2.) yellow wire is at balance port #1 and red is at balance port #2, then eliminate/ isolate the black wire. Is this correct?
3.) So I will be using 10 packs of 2s/5000mah/60c LiPo’s. Will a 42v 2ah Lithium battery charger (hoverboard charger) be sufficient for charging?



1 > Correct. Yes solder, no butt-splice = very very bad.
2 > I’m not sure about the colors, mine are different. You need to use a multimeter to define which is cell 1 and which is cell 2. Yes, you will isolate the negative.
3 > That charger should be fine, you could use a 5a charger thought o charge faster.