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High pitch whining noise FOC Helical Drive





@ethel Holy fuck you’re ballsy. 35.3mph with that motor.


I’m not sure what the foosticj it is. But it still hit its gearing ratio speed


Dude, spinning that motor is damaging it every time you do it. It’s only gonna get worse until it locks up.

Edit: it is pretty funny though


Above a certain speed, noise ceases. It’s defiantly getting worse no doubt about it.


Yeah, the ring isn’t magnetic it is aluminum. I was referring to the magnets for Trdolan03’s case.


I was riding even worse situation :smiley:

This is what I found after it finally locked up conveniently next to my home :smiley:


and this how motors sound with real brand bearings :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm, i have two new black 6380s ordered from September. Have not opened it or anything yet. Should i be worried? @torqueboards


@Linny Up to you. You can inspect them or you can exchange them for when the new ones come in.


My exact situation/setup. I fixed the magnetic retainer ring and they were quiter for a bit, then as soon as I brought amps up to even 45, a twangy ringing noise around 16-20mph