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High pitch whining noise FOC Helical Drive



Thanks, that made my day :rofl:
Perfect description for a massive hole which is bigger than the whole motor gear.



@torqueboards I am still waiting on a response via email FYI


@torqueboards I’m having a high pitch issue as well on one of my two silver 6380s I just finished the build this morning running the motors on Kaly gear drives. I have 3.5 miles on the motors. First 2 miles were good. Then high pitch noise at higher RPMs. Lower seems fine. There is a little bit of bell housing movement vertically compared to the other motor. The high pitch begins when the RPMs cause the bell housing to move vertically. Only moves maybe 2mm but just enough to so the sound is real bad. It even sounds like the bearings are grinding. Sent you a contact support request earlier today.


@torqueboards BTW I tried to install washers in between the motor and Kaly drive mount just in case and in my situation it didn’t make a difference. The sounds is sound bad that I am afraid to ride my board. I sent an email response about the video link that Derek sent me explaining that the solution did not fix my problem. This is a huge bummer since I only was able to ride the new build for 3.5 milles (2 miles were perfect). It’s killing me not to be able to ride my new build. It’s like Christmas morning but I’m being told i can’t play with my new toy. LOL


Hey I have a set of 6380s from you guys (Black, 1st batch) I haven’t completed my build with them yet…I was thinking of pulling the motor apart and adding some 680 lock tight on the retainer ring…would that work just as well as epoxy or should I grab some epoxy? :man_shrugging:t5:


@ElectricCoast - PM me your email. Did you already open a ticket?

@Rod12579 - I’d probably recommend a 2 part epoxy over the 6380. Don’t have any exp trying 6380 with it so I’m not too sure.


@torqueboards PM’d you. Found lower magnet ring loose on bell mouth. It just fell off when pulling motor apart. Should that be glued in place? I’d like to put the motor back together but want to know if I should epoxy the ring in place.


@Trdolan03 that’s a loose magnets had been listening to this noise for like a month so I know for sure. If you remove can it looks everything fine as magnets sticks to the enclosure so it doesn’t move but at higher speeds magnetics get bigger and magnet starts lifting up from the enclosure and it causes small vibrations.

You can take a flat screw driver and try to push under magnets some of them will definitely will lift up :slight_smile:


Use Loctite 648 :slight_smile: or get magnet glueing Loctite or anything which is elastic and high temperature :slight_smile:


@ElectricCoast The magnet should stick to the motor can. Is it no longer magnetic? I can also send you a new retainer ring. We just got some better ones in since yours is already off.

@Kug3lis - Nice find :smile:


@Kug3lis any idea about this wear pattern which is all the way around both the can and stator


My SK3 sounded like that after 1000 km or so and now I am at 3000 total, same motor. Ride it till it disintegrates.


@Kug3lis @torqueboards Does the ring need to be epoxyed in though?


@Trdolan03 Yeah, you want to epoxy the ring. I have some new ones if you want to wait a few days that I can send you the teeth on the retainer ring are longer. Let me know. As far as what Kug3lis said check the magnets esp the ones that are rubbing on the stator. See if they are loose or not flushed.


@torqueboards I was able to remove about 5 of the magnets which I reapplies with green loctite. If the new ring will make a different I am open to trying it. Did you still want me to send in the motor?


@Trdolan03 All the magnets you can actually remove. They aren’t glued to the motor can. You can secure them to the motor can but make sure not to use too much that it adds to the thickness of the magnet otherwise it will rub against your stator.

Yeah, If you can wait. I’d suggest waiting for the new retainer ring. PM me your email so I can get those new retainer rings out to you. You can go ahead with the repair if you have issues afterwards just let me know and we’ll take care of you.


Not green but 648


The ring for the magnets appears to be aluminum and doesn’t appear to be magnetic.


I’m about to go for a test ride :open_mouth: wish me luck :thinking::no_mouth:


It takes some big balls to ride that. I totally fucked up my can but the stator is in great condition. If it happens to be your stator causing the problems…