HELPING Enertion with their Graphics



Hello everybody, I have been trying to contact Enertion to give them some help with branding and graphics but have gotten no response. If you guys like these designs, comment below and let Jason know! :slight_smile: thanks!


Those look nice :slight_smile:


Yo. Sorry didn’t mean to ignore you…

The text design is nice. Currently I do all my own photography and graphic design. It’s very cost effective that way.

I get lots of emails and sometimes emails of people offering to “help” often look like spam or are simply people trying “sell me somthing”


Understandable! Which is why I went with this route. Well let me know when you are big enough to hire a graphic designer. For now you can use these designs if you would like, just shoot me an email


Here are some other box designs for the Raptor:


Wow! Great work! Some serious talent right here.


nice, i like how you have the decals on the box, is this a special program?


It’s Photoshop :smiley:


Yep its all done in Photoshop!