Help with choosing my battery


what do I buy . 2, 4000mah 5s lipos so it would be a 10s1p pack or 3000mah 18650 to make 10s2p pack ?


The question is what you want it for.


Come on we need a little bit more information:
What range do you want?
How many amps do you want to pull and so on…

I also edited the title so it’s a little bit friendlier.


EDIT: For a pack of equal cost the 18650 10s2p will give longer range, but performance will be very marginal. the lipo’s won’t go as far but will provide much more current, so if you live in an area with a lot of hills then lipo is the one for you


That’s all relative…
There are week lipos and there strong 18650s…
We even don’t know which he would like to choose.


Fair enough. I’ve edited it appropriately


I don’t know… if you are asking these questions about batteries maybe you should wait before messing around with 18650 pack builds


Also there are many different 18650 cells with different discharge/capacity ratings.


sorry for the late reply. well where i live its flat grounds and I’d only be useing it to get to work and back which is around a mile to get there then a mile back.


This is my first board so im not sure about the amps ill be pulling. I already have a board, vesc ,motor ,motor mount , pullys, controller, a case for the stuff to be bolted to my board . I just dont know what to do about batterys . I know 18650s are more hard work to make a pack but they last longer (life span) and lipos break a lot faster but are easy to get ahold of and cheaper to build. . also I would be using 2 5s 4000mah zippy 40c lipos or 10 18650 30Q 3000mah 15A


on a dead flat surface the 18650’s will work pretty well, but the lipos will certainly cover the distance no problem. those lipos will give more acceleration if the route involves a lot of stop start. I’d say it’s up to you, in that situation both would work well. BTW you’d need 20 30q’s to build up a 10s2p pack


yes sorry I meant 20 my mistake . as you can tell im not very good at explaining myself as I have dyslexia. so I apologize if i seem a bit stupid. haha . I was going to buy 18650s but then I saw so many people using lipos and I didnt want to waste my money buying something that just isnt going to work. and as I clearly dont really know the difference between both battery types I thought id come here to ask. Thanks for your help


If you feel like you’re up to the task, an 18650 pack will push you more distance, but building your own is not easy, best way is with a spot welder and unless you can borrow one that’s not a cheap endeavour