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HAYA HB92 Integrated Deck



Yes hehe it’s hard to take stuff to mex :pensive: so when I get the chance I take it :crazy_face:


Can’t wait for the next deck.


The decks were shipped out to my home in Munich/Germany this morning, in the meantime I will prepare each individual shipping. As soon as they arrive I will let you know.


Any teasers for the next deck you guys are working on


Not yet, maybe next week I have a finished CAD


I got 02 :grin::grin::grin:


I called DHL Today, the official delivery timeframe for USA/CAN is 10-12 Days.

The decks are now in Heilbronn (Germany) and I already got an email notifiying me of the delivery tomorrow.

All papework is done, as soon as I get them l will hand them over to DHL.


Thanks buddy! Appreciate all the work you’ve done to make these happen. Probs way harder than you thought it would be. Big ups.


So, I managed to prepare the packages in sub 20min to be at the post office before 12 PM (Closing time) and got there by 11:55 :smiley:

The packages look a bit beat up because of all the traveling back and forth, but all should arrive in good conditions. Also, my taping-work was a bit rushed too, sorry for that.

This time I included all the documentation x4 in each box, with exporter number, ID No. etc. etc.

If you didn’t get the Tracking No. by next Monday max please let me know via PM and I’ll send it to you.

Best, Mathias


Thanks Mathias. I’m sure the mix up was highly stressful for you. Merry Christmas and I personally appreciate your diligence.


So I’m hoping to fit a 12s5p battery plus unity and charge only bms. Has anyone been able fit 60 cells in the board such as I have described?


Id say so…


I was hopin to fit 11s5p 12s if possible for a dual unity quad build.


yep they fit without issue. ordering the 10s4p pack from enertion is a great deal if you’re willing to remove the welds between B6 and B7 and then solder on a silicon wire to reconnect the two.


you’d need a very small BMS and a max dual config. But should be doable


Rotate the cells 90 degrees and do 12s4p. It should give you more space. It may require some minor sanding… I think you could even fit 13s this way


Yeah I guess I should have clarified that I’ll be running TB DD 2wd only.


with what size wheels?


110s I think, @StefanMe could you share a pic of your setup with the 110 airless tires?


I’ll be running TB 110’s when I receive the TB DD and wheels