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Having Issues with motor recognition on vesc


Hello for anyone who wants to help that would be amazing if not, I understand. I have downloaded bldc tool for windows and if will not run any firmware at all or pick up any default settings. I am going to try and download ubuntu or linux, but wanted to see if I can run windows before i start my download tomorrow for the new operating system.


Were you able to connect?


no I refreshed my pin and it still would not connect 4.12


I tried uploading the 4.12 default firmware, would not load and have it connected to everything needed obviously. I feel like there were things in my command prompt that I needed to change, I have only used the link given to downlaod the bldc itself for windows.


“Refreshed your pin”? Does the VESC currently have f/w on it? Are you plugged in via mini USB? Do the lights turn on?


I have a usb cable from the vesc to the computer, nothing comes up when refreshed or plugged in ever since I’ve downloaded it :confused:


Did you make sure the USB cable has data pins? Some cables only supply power.


4 pin usb-a connector to computer and 5 pin usb-b connector to vesc