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Having fun with ideas for speed




106mm wheel diameter


Not sure what you wanna say? I assume you upgraded to a larger motor (6374 instead of 6354) and installed a larger motor pulley (e.g. 17T vs 16T)? Your belt needs to be tensioned a little more and what are those for wheels with that pattern (shaved MBS)?


That looks pretty damn fast


[ideas] You should totally wear a cape bro [fun], that will make you look really fast [speed] :rocket: :joy:


They look like slick revolution wheels?


That’s just the tension I use for alignment, and yeah I’m upgrading to dual 6374 instead of 6355. Slick revolution wheels! But I still like Ollin’s Popoca wheels more.


I’m running 13s :wink:


@Jayx so are you reaching 50+mph? assuming 60a battery limit per motor & 80a motor limit, looks like you have roughly ~50-53mph top speed (red line, bottom left chart, net thrust pounds - thrust minus wind drag) and about 62lbs peak thrust (yellow line, bottom left chart, vehicle thrust pounds - 2 motors).


13s :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: but for real depending on how much you weigh and your climate, you may deal with excessive heat on that gearing.


Fast forward in time and the magnets fly out of the side of those motors. :joy: 12S at 80+Amps just destroyed them.


Haha. Pics please.

Do you think they heated up and the epoxy unglued?


@brenternet maybe the epoxy used just wasn’t strong enough, but the fact that they didn’t use a retaining ring in the inside of the motor can is ridiculous. I’ll post a picture tonight. But the motors never saw extremes in heat, they stayed cool. Even when I turned the current up to 80 they stayed cool, I guess they couldn’t handle pure torque.


all of these magnets were easily slid right out of the can. Goodness…


There’s a lot of that going around at the moment to be fair. Motors that people have trusted for years suddenly having loose magnets.

Its almost like they are all built in the same factory :wink:


looking at power