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Has anyone found fake cells in budget boards?


Wondering if anyone took apart the packs that came with their board & identified fake cells in budget boards, or even a premium board.


I’m pretty sure it’s confirmed that evolve uses cheap low quality cells.


:thinking: idk majority of them fanboy so hard I swear its the best cells in the universe


lipos in evolves in Aus. with too low a discharge rating.


After 500 battery cycles you can be at low-voltage shutdown after 500 meters from a fresh charge…


Evolve is good, they bring more customers to DIY battery builders to upgrade their battery :sweat_smile:


I mean, Evolve is a heck of a lot better than cheap hub motor boards.


They are actually prismatic li-ion


I’ve heard stories about the cells in china boards not being what was ordered/paid for, but only second hand anecdotal accounts. Haven’t seen any of them for myself,.