Groupbuy'd - UNITY


Sorry, I must of missed can you please resend was out of pocket all last week…will be getting out all people who have paid Unity group buy I am listed for fulfillment…Everyone will get a tracking number and should be on there doorstep early next week…


@Grozniy and I have closed the loop I am sure he will probably be the only Unity owner in Iceland…


Payment sent, sorry about the wait

Let me know if something didn’t go right


Paid @ksfacinelli Thanks!




Thanks guys!


So, have they ship to you?


yup, they’re getting to me today, yours will be packed up tonight sent tomorrow.


Wow, so cool!


sorry y’alls, usps just revised delivery date to tomorrow:



I want a refund. That’s bs


kevin said he would ship mine out today. lol too excited for this.


@thisguyhere you heard him. i can take his place!


If someone’s desperately in need of a unity, i might be willing to trade for focboxes lol


@mikenyc @Skunk yall work it out


you serious? i have 2 that i can send you tomorrow


Don’t be playing Like that son


@ksfacinelli do we have a deadline for paying since the Unitys are here?


there is one willing to give 3 focboxes for one unity…
i will look where i have seen it, second…

took two seconds, but here ya go

don´t let it go under value :laughing::joy:


I change my unity for focbox, I don’t have focbox