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[Group Buy] FatBoy Mini Urethane Gear Drive | FatBoy Solid CNC Hanger



No rush yet, we still have some spots left :smiley:


Did you guys know this hobby is expensive AF!? LOL


You tell me… :smiley: Every innovation, idea I have requires buying new components parts and etc stuff which is not cheap on single pieces :smiley:



Also at the moment making same iFixIt style instructions how assembly Mini and Nano :slight_smile:


CNC machined spacers @Deckoz had issues with washers :laughing:


Can these be reversed mounted? I’m really interested if so, srods with kegel :slight_smile:


@Kug3lis, any confirmation on the above?


On reverse kingpin will be in the way of motor. In case you run shorter motors like 6355 or etc :slight_smile:


Thanks @Kug3lis, i guess it would be the same for the fatboy/caliber combo? Im looking for a home for 2x6374…


I didn’t know this site allowed this type of pornography.


6374 are only on TB218 reverse mounted with Nano version of the drive and Mini version with Fatboy 230/240 hangers also reversed

ECalibers are only 6355 with Nano drive in reverse


@Kug3lis finally got my order in! Sorry for the delay!


I’m in too, can’t wait!


The group is closed :slight_smile: Next group buy maybe around mid-januaryr/february


Whew. Barely made it. Thanks for the patience!

It was hard deciding between the mini and the nano.

Ultimately it was the 2.4 gear ratio of the mini that did it for me!


As first batch was shipped here is guide for assembly for people who just received the unit :slight_smile:


Not to pester, but any update on group buy mini urethane progress?

My deck is coming in on Tueaday, and she said she can’t wait to meet someone to drive her crazy.


Mine arrived on xmas eve


Thats awesome! @Kug3lis was kind enough to remind me I ordered last! :joy::joy:

Looks great.

What are you building with them?