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Glow Penny/ Switch over/ 6s Lipo/ Sk 213kv / UV LEDs - Compleated


Switching over a buddy’s electronics over to a 36 inch Glow Penny board…

I need to mover over his black caliber trucks. 15t/36t. And add some UV leds … That should look freaky

So not sure how I’m gonna attach it all…but…I have till Saturday to figure this shit out lol

Stay tuned for updates


Isn’t it to flexy?


Actually pretty stiff


I never tested one but I expected the usual penny flex…

I love the idea of lights on a board I got myself a night glow penny board with led wheels xD


Never felt one till he dropped it off last night … It has an arch to it…but yet the bottom of the deck is flat


Setting up the enclosure


Remote and led control upgrade


Was that a spare container? How many cells can you fit in there? Cool stuff




It’s a parts container that has a lid… Actually works pretty well …it can hold 2 6s 8000mah lipos if you wan let an extended range 6s or go balls out at 12s

Picked it up from harbor frieght and tool


thats a really cool looking board :open_mouth: