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Gilipollas/ Madrid double kick/Single 6355/ 7s2p 26650


One year later finally switched boards…

Appropriate as its where I live…
Love the flex of this thing , carving is awesome.


Why that name?


I like the sound of the word…


woah! i really like your enclosure! i’m just using a shitty tupperware with velcro and i hate it, which materials are you using? some kind of carbon fiber?


That is a sweet Psychotiller flagship enclosure.


hahahaha, funny name for your esk8, I guess she’s not very happy…
How’s everything? still living in Madrid?


Yep still here. I make it to parke oeste at least one Sunday a month outside of July, August we ought to all meet up and ride some Sunday. I’d love to see your new battery.

@miquelcamps - the enclosure is a psychotiller creation, but I just got an oven and have the wood and kydex to vacuum form…gonna start making custom enclosures for euro peeps


Yes! I haven’t seen you in Parque del Oeste but we are not going very often. I’m finishing the new e-skate with the new battery. I’m working with the enclosure now and in fact I bought a sheet of Kydex but I have to think how I’m going to build the enclosure. I don’t see the point of the vacuum former for the simple shapes of our enclosures… I have to read more I guess.

Yes! I would be very interested in a Madrid eskate meetup!


Yea’ I suppose a press form would work, but I just got access to small workshop with enough materials to build the vacuum former so i figure why not?


Nice build - I am looking at a similar Madrid deck. How strong is the flex? (I weight around 80kg) … Currently you can get it as “scan” version for 60 euros here
Do you know if the standard Madrid Trucks could be used/modfied for any (DIY) motor mount?


pretty good amount of flex for my 95 kg. Feels like way more than my 35 dollar eBay special.