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Ghost build 245kv tacon, 12s2p pack, tb esc


gt2b controller
tacon 245kv motor
tb esc 120amp 12s
12s miami boards/ barjabrti pack
16 by 36t tb pulleys
tb motor mount v4
83mm flywheel clones

lets me know what you think parts getting ordered tonight


Didn’t you sell all your parts a couple months ago? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re geared for like 45mph. If you don’t want to go that fast or don’t want to blow your ESC, you should probably drop down to a lower voltage and gearing.


yup i bought a new motor a few weeks back and the rest of the parts i need to order


if not 12s can 10s work?


I mean they’ll both probably work to an extent, but you’re sacrificing torque for it and putting your ESC at risk.


Just drop to 14t


i can do 13t and will my esc be ok? the battery has a bms


Shouldn’t be an issue


Use this calculator to find out how many teeth are in mesh. http://www.bbman.com/belt-length-calculator/

Too few teeth and you’re susceptible to skipping.


6 teeth in mesh


phew alright


Looks like 5 if you run 13/14T


This is gonna be epic! Am I building your pack? We talked about it a couple days ago


thats not what it said when i tossed the numbers in hmm…


haha hopefully i can get about 14miles


i think u might i still needed to talk to u tho pm me


Even with a more generous center distance it’s still only 5 teeth in mesh


hmm any suggestions?


You can get away with less teeth in mesh if you run a wider belt, so maybe go with 12mm or 15mm


12mm it is then