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Genuine question: Why do people buy the following products?



I am just glad there are guys like you gents here to get into the weeds on this hardware. I would love to but most of that stuff was well over my head.

The passion helps drive stuff forward.

Keep building, and I will keep trying them all! Thanks guys!




Your stipulation is based on the assumption that the weight distribution is equally on both the front and rear truck, that isn’t always true, the front truck does have more weight on it and the front foot does initiate the turn. I just saying power on the rear truck is a viable option, the bushing is tighter and is less likely to torque steer, because it is less responsive.




So your saying change truck geometry on both trucks or just the rear truck so it isn’t leading?





Truck walk is what you are describing. Apply your logic to a ronin truck with a queen pin and see what that gives you.

A channel truck is essentially a zero degree ronin or liquid truck


In the end this are all definitions and great graph but relevant only perfect conditions.

I do my speed test runs around 1AM from 23rd street and 1st ave all the way to the Willis ave. Bridge in New York, that is around 6 miles on a real road, that includes pavement waves, cracks, expansion joints, pot holes and who know what else. I keep a speed from 35 to 40 mph around 90% of the time.

If you try this run for sure the stability advantages you claim will not help at all.




Nice :ok_hand: keep it wierd :upside_down_face:




I’m gonna have to read this thread a few times for all of this to sink in.
I’ve been doing downhill for years but only have basic understanding of adjustments.
I wanna ask so many questions right now lol


That is my whole point.
The rider is the front and center on this. Equipment is 10% percent of the equation.




That’s true.

I think we should try to make a thread analyzing each design and explain the best we can the pros and cons of each, this way will be more useful to everyone one.


Yaaas please. Lol

I wanna know more about tkp and how adjusting it’s angles affects ride performance.




You know, I think if it is possible we should make a few loaner boards to exchange For a time with you guys, this way we get a fresh pair of eyes testing and giving feedback. It will benefit immensely the advancement of the sport.


This is a beautiful moment. I love it.


Kelly just pissed his pants