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Genuine question: Why do people buy the following products?


And this is another reason i wanna build a fwd board for Colorado.


Ok I get it.
Yes, the same applies to pneumatics.
The only difference is it is more difficult to break traction compared to PU and when you do there is a higher chance they will find traction again.
This can be good or bad depending on the situation.


@Deckoz I think we’re talking apples here.
🏁 Channel Trucks

Stooge Race Wheels

Any truck with positive or close to zero castor in front is going to toss you the fuck off at speed.

If this were true then @MoeStooge link trucks would be highly unstable… Are you still sure about this statement?

The queen pin location on ronin trucks also throw your assumption out the window


The thing is you are dead wrong in your assumption. @DerelictRobot build is proof that you are the one dreaming and spreading poor information. Go ahead and double down if you like but you will still be wrong.


I understand just fine, you are the one thinking trucks function like castor wheels.


So many memes in one post and it wasn’t me…


I know right, ass load of pent up rage in this one. :sweat_smile:

His next one is gonna be good!


Im just here to learn.
Its hard to watch these back a fourth arguments from members I’ve followed super closely.
I really look up to @MoeStooge and im dying to race with him some day. @chaka has some bad ass products and definitely puts his all into his work. @Deckoz is an amazing source of knowledge.
Im just gonna sit back and see where this goes lol.


Found @Deckoz fav board!


It depends how much rake you have in the trucks. Most racers like a bit more rake up front and less in the rear.

Unless you are the pit crew for this vagabond you should be speaking in terms of rake not caster.


That’s a low blow. Lol
I was actually talking to a co-worker who wants me to build him a board.
And then he brought up the RipStik asking if I can motorized that… i walked away lol


Right !!! especially because they have a motorized version already and they NAILED IT!!!


Rode one in walmart… nailed it on the first try.

Second attempt a few weeks later and I nearly broke my hip. Evil machines!


Lol i got kick out of Walmart for kickfliping one of the cheap boards they sell and trying to grind a shelf… broke the shelf.
Lady told me to leave and asked “really? How old are you” lol


But that is not the case, all one has to do to see you are wrong is flip their board over and push the trucks side to side. The axle center, if the truck has positive rake, is ahead of the pivot center.


The king pin is deffinitly along the axial plane of the pivot but it is not the pivot center.

Rake determines if the axle is forward or behind the pivot center. More importantly, it determines if the axle is above or below the pivot center.

For instance @MoeStooge truck system is zero rake.


I understand what you are trying to say but I think you are confusing truck walk with caster angle. This is probably why inexperienced riders think Ronins feel like they dive into turns, they almost eliminate truck walk.


Going back to the OP question, I use a HolyPro because of the look it gives you, then because if has flex to absorb bad road bumps and cracks, if you add pneumatics it’s a pretty nice all terrain board, turning at low speeds its not very easy though and stability at high speeds is freaking scary, however these issues are not enough to give my trampa away.


Watched this video and my one year old came to dance to the music. Lol