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Genuine question: Why do people buy the following products?


Board has nothing to do with it. It’s all about the rider Bring it on n show me how it’s done brother :joy::joy:


…je…je… awwwwgg c’mon don’t tell me I’m getting under you skin, eh? :rofl:


Lmao. Never brother. Never. You know all I have for the eSkate family is love right :heart:️ Haha


But seriuosly man, they are cominnnnggggg!!


“Before all men were different, then Samuel Colt (@MoeStooge) came and made us all equal”

Bang!! :gun:


I like what I see. Can’t wait to see it in person ha


You’ll see them, I promise. :wink:


I’m getting these!


Off course you are! :wink::yum:


First I thought you had put your hands in your shoes. Not anymore :joy:


To reveal the trick, the camera was between 2 tables which gave me suppprt :laughing:


too good that vid :laughing:
just so you know though…trampa have a no ballet clause so thats your warranty out the window.


Trampa stuff is niiiice. Too bad it dumps you on your face at 25+. I think they should work on that…

Why do so many people endorse surf rods rkp trucks?

Hairy as all shit at speed.


Curious what makes you say this?

Same as above.

This is genuine curiosity, I have no blind loyalty to Trampa- I just ride them on my carvers because I don’t have that many options and I dislike how MBS Matrix feel. I can say that I’ve never even seen the notion of a speed wobble even at around 40-42mph, and that’s been as fast as my configurations/confidence have taken me so far. Is this based on experience from people who know how to tune/dampen in a channel spring truck?

I’d love to hear more information on this as it would be useful to know regardless of my personal experiences so far.


Ok granted I have had very limited experience with street carvers. Spent a week on my bros kaly/trampa
last year and compared to my set up at the time I found it unstable. Same with a guy on a group ride who wanted to try my evo. Loved the carve but did not feel comfortable at speed. This is obviously something you could get used to I’m sure but after those experiences and then when the info starts to filter down through the forum of similar tales it can fix your mindset which I know is not very scientific. Average joe in the street who is used to traditional set ups will struggle on a channel truck to start with. I think thats where it comes from. One thing though is true and no one can really argue, they are not great speed set ups. They are not designed for it.


Yep. This.
Ive been on boards my whole life.
Riding @DerelictRobot board was a new experience.
Took me a bit to get the hang of it.
Definitely different. But i didn’t feel unstable at full speed, just didn’t feel agile


And given our riding weight difference I would totally expect this. They also are just a completely different style of board in how they ride, I ride longboards & mountainboards/carvers.

Why can’t it be argued?

My curiosity here is to see if anyone has hard experience/logic behind why it would be considered unstable over RKPs at higher speeds. Evidence, not subjective opinion.

I also have seen a lot of ‘Youtube carvers’ running without dampeners at all.


Also… it was cold as balls and I was riding on a very narrow path so I couldn’t really throw my weight into the Turning as much as I wanted to.


Spent some time hanging out with a fella who was speed testing with trampa channel trucks. Despite efforts to dewedge, spring, and dampa his AWD it always ended in instability. Could you please post a video of you on Radar doing 42 mph with your powered trampa and share your setup.


I don’t have a radar, but this really isn’t even unheard of downhill. I’m in the process of rebuilding my carver as we speak, but I’d be happy to share my ride logs. 34-38mph is commonplace among the riders I talk to.

Again, I’m not saying they are built for speed. Just that the claim that they faceplant you at 25+ is outright incorrect based on my daily riding experience.

I’m looking for more than 2nd or 3rd hand accounts out of legitimate curiosity to learn more.