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Genuine question: Why do people buy the following products?


I get what you’re saying but the answer is still the same. Some people are loyal to Trampa, some people are introduced to esk8 through a YouTube video featuring a carver, some people just like the unique look of gummies.

It’s all just personal preference in the end. If we were all riding around on the same boards we’d dEvovle.


Well said :relieved:
That should be the final word to this :sweat_smile:


‎yeah na.


Stop the world we agree on something. The evo is a thing of unrivalled beauty.


one thing to add here about the stiffness…


Haha exactly this thread inspired me to shoot this video to show the “stiffness” :laughing:

XL2.0 DECK by

Nice ballet tippie toe action there :laughing:


You are a shining freaking gem of a person.


@rich the esk8 tap dancing flex master

What ply is that? Lots of flex there oh my!

Bula Bula!


Omg the music… could not stop watching. Bravo.


Thanks a lot for your comments @Linny @tenshi0 @ethel @deucesdown :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I wasn’t sure if this video is too ridiculous so glad you like it :laughing:

It’s a 14ply Carver deck and I’m 74kg so it’s quite flexy. While riding I don’t use it as trampoline.

For a strictly street build I probably would choose a longboard because of weight but I wanted a hybrid build where I can mount whatever wheels I want. And the Gummies roll over almost everything. Is this stuff expensive? YES Can I afford it? NOT REALLY Why I buy it? ADDICTION. It’s like a virus or drug. If you already have a urban carver with 7" wheels it’s hard to resist not to buy Gummies. And personally I like the look


This was amazing :grin:


^ this minus owning an urban carver with 7 inch wheels


I live in Buenos Aires, the city streets are always a mess, I have seen just a few guys with urethane, some Evolved and diy, or cheep Amazon boards, going very slow almost suffering each block… So my choice to commute this crazy city was an emtb from Trampa, 8 inch wheels… I fully strapped my feets, this saved me many times… It was a life changing choice for good, could not be more happy. Sometimes you can choose, other times is learning whats the best for you… This webpage was crucial to make the right decisions, and avoid wasting money…


We are all sitting in the same boat. I’m even thinking about how I would do some new builds which I’ll never build because of lack of money. Soon I’m ready for the group of anonymous esk8 addicts.


Maybe one day your demolition rate will go down and you safe some… :thinking:…wait… ok that will probably never happen :sweat_smile:



I bought some from Francisco, they’re OK

@ethel also bought a set; I’m concerned after seen them in person; they are kinda thin and has short width… not much different than your average hub cover.


Width is fine. Skins definitely make your ride harsh and they aren’t as sticky as many people might think they are but they’re aight I’d say.


…there is smthng else on the horizon that will smoke PU, hub covers or pneumies…

Barbarians at the gates @FranciscoV. …party is over!


Lamborghini will not be enough for long, esee!!