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General Carvon Thread - V3 - V4 SD - V4 XL and future products



Oops MBS in back, Orange upfront. Lol


Thanks man I’ll definitely have to check those out. @treenutter where are ya? I’m probably going to use a set of 107s on mine but I have a set of MBS that I have dyed kegels purple. Can’t wait to see your build brother! Ya gotta keep me posted


Will do, its gonna be a minute as I’m still waiting on the deck and battery, but Ill be ready as soon as I get those.


Well it looks like we’re both paddling in the same canoe :joy:. I’m going to post in the want to buy thread and see what options I have for a battery


Talk to @psychotiller, @longhairedboy, @JLabs, @torqueboards, @barajabali


Thanks for the help brother


Definitely check out Red Ember (@treenutter) decks. Mine hasn’t come in yet, but it has been one of the coolest buying processes I have ever experienced. Not just with regard to Eskate, but anything.

He really wants to create an experience. I keep getting awesome picture updates of my deck, and he is genuinely passionate about what he is doing.



Those decks look dangerous! In a good way! A see me coming move kinda way ! Lol! I like them and will definitely want to take a look at more !



Dude that’s freaking cool! I dig the hell outta that deck!


I don’t recommend 107’s if you only run dual. You loose all the torque ( from the speedrive if you ordered XL i can’t say )


I am very curious how the torque will be on the XL. I am leaning toward 97s, but 107s would be nice if it retains enough torque.


I am under the impression the SpeedDrive XL are specifically made with 107mm in mind. I’m running 107mm on them either way…


97´s is the sweet spot for me. It’s very comfortable yet i have torque ! 83 mm is the best but kinda dangerous


Yeah, I read that, but still… Hopefully they are are money with the 107s! I


@caustin @mmaner @Sender thanks for the call-outs!

@Hariboisawesome find me here:


I will check ya out here shortly my man! Thanks again for repsonding brother!


I’m planning to run quad motors. I have 2 sets of the Carvon Torque drives. Not the speed drive


What is everyone using as the front truck? I was gonna use a Paris be 195 but I don’t think it’ll be wide enough to match, the carvon v4 TD is 12.5in wide with the wheels.


Via Jerry: Surfrodz RKP 200mm
50x10mm is pretty close and puts the wheels right next to the hanger which looks nicer. The 60x10mm is exact but you will need to use a spacer between the hanger and wheels, which kinda looks wonky. Get 50 degrees, but you will still need to use risers for the surfrodz cause they’re shorter than the v4