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General Carvon Thread - V3 - V4 SD - V4 XL and future products



All shafts


All shafts I believe. They decided to make everything modular so everything fits each other


Do you happen to know ow if the TorqueDrives are shipping? I just don’t wanna bother Jerry I’d the info is already released.


Torquedrive are in stock.


Do you know for sure or are you just trusting what the site store says?


Talked to jerry about it , he said he had torque drive stock


Ahhh cool I guess the EXOs are probably being built then


Do you guys think the Torquedrive is worth $500 vs the V4 series? I’m asking because I’m considering getting a set and maybe using some pneumatics?


I mean Its still kinda the same procces so I see why its really expensive


V4 Torquedrives are in stock ready to ship.


Can the torquedrive be used at 12s?


Its only 75kv I’d assume you can , usually what stops motors from higher voltage the kV and other huge factors such as rpm limit and heat for hubs but this is direct drive


The torque drive is advertised to 29mph on 107mm. 10s. No mention of 12s


The torquedrive cannot be used in 12s with regular vesc. Maybe it can be used with vesc 6 but we haven’t tested yet. It will hit an erpm of 60k on 12s


Can you emphasize some more on that how does a 75kv reach the ermp does it have to do with the watts it pulls ?


I ordered two sets of Torque drives The order has been fulfilled and tracking received


Wait it says only to be used with a vesc, but the exo doesnt have vescs does it? Now I’m cornfused

They probably get too hot at 12s


The motor stutters at 12s. With 10s it’s smooth


I don’t think there worth $500, just my opinion…


As stated its not the "specs " of the motor but its still the same procces they have to go through. You can replace the motor to xyz and its still the same to procces. But still the type of motor does play a part in the price to a % amount, because some cost more than others but not to a big degree in price. Machining the parts.@uigiroux