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General Carvon Thread - V3 - V4 SD - V4 XL and future products



Hey guys, Jerry will be doing an update today on In other news, the sensored XL have arrived and they seem to be assembled correctly this time.

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Can anyone answer this for me. Is the V4 SD-R a 6374, and the SD-XL a 6384? Or is it the SD-R a 6364 and the SD-XL the 6374?


Based on past posts, this one.

v2 and v2.5 were 6374s with different KV. speed drive got smaller to fit the full wheel. and XL brought the crazy back.


If I was to do an 4WD with an SD-R and SD-XL, would I be limited in speed by the XL max speed, or since it’s theoretical speed is higher, and the SD-R is faster, would it be able to go say in the middle of boths to speed?


If you 4wd get the SD. The torque will be crazy. No need for XL. At. All.


Well the V3 s drive 107s easily even with hilly terrain and I’m 180lbs


That’s what I was thinking, it’s just been hard to choose my first motor because I can’t afford to make it a 4WD yet, but I think the SD-R should be good enough for me until I can get a second set.


Well, FWIW IMHO unless you’re like 150lb, dual SD doesn’t make much sense. It’ll feel like you have no first gear, and no brakes. Dual XL makes a lot more sense. Quad SD also makes sense, but $$$ and heavy.

I say build dual XL, and if you want quad later, build another board :slight_smile:


Ordered 2 Xl drives for 4wd drive with landyatch evo and 12s6p 30q BMS bypassed with abec 107’s currently waiting on chi boards to get my batteries to make them (2 weeks ) carvon xl (2weeks ish possibly 3) the only thing am worried about is my focbox I dout I’ll get them by the end of this month going to try to get a refund but I beg the question what’s second most reliable if am going to go balls to the wall with this set up. Struggles #firstworldproblems


How about a 4WD with the XL on the rear and SD-R? How would it effect top speeds?


Yup, the XL is the old v2.5 motor 6374. Extremely torquey 85kv. Agree with the group though that xl not needed for 4wd, but I would consider xl for dual drive. They really are :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Impossible for the fact that there is a kV difference
What happens after you pass 85kv and speed drive r still going well one of 2 things can happen after that speed u starting regening energy problem with that is BMS won’t be able to handle that regen and u blow the vesc or BMS or the motor just clogs and u fly the fuck off the board and fall


I don’t think that’s how it actually works. Someone had mixed motors, and things were working well. I just can’t remember if top speed was the low KV motor’s or the high. Can’t find the thread though.


I asked jerry myself, because that was my initiall plan to have a xl and spr and have xl start and once pass 85kv speed r would ramp up and xl would shut off but all that energy would still need to go somewhere that the drive off will still create energy meaning it will blow up something


Would it void the warranty? :slight_smile:

Did he actually try it or was this just theory?

This isn’t the thread I was thinking of, but


He was using 8s or something along those lines his kV was really high and low voltage now trying that with 12s and lower kV I think more dangerous


Here’s Jerry’s update:


Wait so does that mean the XL s are NOT delayed bc they use a different shaft or are all the shafts too large now?