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I like the BLDC noise too, especially during hard brake. Sounds like a Tie Fighter. Helps with pedestrians.


I switched the my 4wd Trampa over to BLDC last night to test higher current settings. Its crazy loud on 4 x 8085mm motors. I think my whole neighborhood could hear me :drooling_face:


Haha 2017 equivalent of a chopper.


Sounds more like nails on a chalk board mixed with an amplified fax machine to to me hahaha


Guess you can kiss that NEIGHBOR OF THE YEAR nomination bye bye lol


I think testing my big bore race fueled two stroke dirtbike with nitrous costs me that award every year :smiling_imp:


That’s ten times less cents than usual


Lol… Not sure your implying I should stfu more. Haha


Ha ha. No, I just didn’t know anyone used mils anymore. Two of those is $0.002 or 0.2¢


Hahaha. Must of autocucumbered that period in there


Hey guys
I have some issues with my V3

I changed my battery and went with 12S when I was on 10S everything was working flawlessly.
Now when i plug the motors one will spin the wrong side. I switch 2 phase wire in every combination possible and it wIll never spin, when i switch 2 phase wire the 2Nd motor will stop working properly as well.
This is seriously weird AF. I tried every way possible nothing is working. Help would be appreciated


do a new motor detection after the wire switching. Should work after that.


U might have pulled too hard on a sensor wire or need to re detect. Try sensorless operation in the vesc if redetection doesnt work.


I finally made it out in BLDC but FOC won’t work.
It’s really weird because in BLCD it will work but when i try to ride the motors don’t give much torque and make some very strange noise like it’s struggling


That same thing happened to me before. Foc didn’t work, and bldc was loud af. Turned out that my settings weren’t being saved due to drv blown


So go figure i out I just read default config end then re did all the procedure again and it works…


Have you checked for faults as suggested by @Michael319?

When u run Foc detection does it complete normally? How about during sensor detection?


I forgot to type fault unfortunately.
All the motor detection + sensors went flawlessly. Then once both motors were configured it wouldn’t work.
Went for a ride 12S5P with 30Q is a freaking dream. The sag is not even noticable at 10ish percent


I have noticed as well the motors get way more hotter with 12S even tho it’s very cold right now where I live I can’t even touch my motors after 20 mins ride bombing crazy


torque drive!