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Gear Drive - Design in progress - Testing soon - Surfrodz TKP and TB/Caliber compatible


The wheel gear is the only gear in the 3 gear system that is fixed and cannot be moved.

The middle gear can be adjusted side to side and so can the motor gear

So you can adjust backlash between gears


Yes @moon I have been picking @PXSS on it. Actually both of you really at the same time. I started with him first because I have a v4 speeddrive and and two torquedrives coming when who knows …but then I see your 3 gear drive and that is exactly what I’m looking for as a single light lil commuter build with small wheels…


Bad ass. Excited to see something like this go into production.


Send me the wheels and I’ll get the CAD made and available for all.


Ok I’ll buy some and send me a pm with your address or I can PayPal you money if you can locate the wheels out where you are …save me shipping. what ever is easier for you thank you for helping out


Did you do this?


Yes I did he should be receiving the wheels 2 to 5 days from muir skate yesterday morning he ordered them


Thanks to @Frenchy and @pxss the 3 system gear drive will also be able to use seismic speed vent wheels. Granted that I don’t run into unforseen design issues


Afaik, seismic max is 85x52mm wheels, right?


Yeah but apparently they want to do bigger wheels


Yes we are in the mixes with trying to get more wheels available for the eskate world. unfortunately it still all talks he is in the game but we are hoping to persuade him over to the diy game or ateast some bigger wheels and make the hub sleeves bigger on his hub truck set up hopefully for the people that want bigger. I’m set with 85 nice and light and very semetrical looking like a skatboard not a penny Tonka truck… personal preference… But I’ll tell you now these ride waaay better then a 90 abec I think. there is more thane and less core and the core is designed to actually do things like mushroom the wheel out for larger contact patch at speeds plus cool the bearing and the wheel down at high speeds. Trust me these are the wheels we need they are lighter then the average wheel also as I’ve been told. North American made …but I don’t have a scale to actually test tho. It would be nice to weigh all the different wheels out to actually see tho.


There is a picture somewhere on this forum which showed the weight of the wheels we use


I got the following:
ABEC11 flywheels: 83mm, 97mm, 107mm
Fake flywheels: 83mm, 90mm?
Orangatang Caguama: 85mm
Seismic Speedvent: 85mm

Other than my fakes, all the other wheels are fairly new, 100 miles at most on the 107s and 20ish on the 83s.


Weights (one wheel):

Fake flywheel 83mm (used): 225g
Flywheel 83mm (very slight use): 231g
Flywheel 97mm (new): 329g
Flywheel 107mm (slight use): 511g
Speedvent 85mm (new): 244g
Caguama 85mm (new): 271g